One of the things I have done for myself these last few months is allowing myself the luxury of reading novels. It is how I turn off the day and help myself detach from all the events and list of things I didn't get time to do. Typically I only read educational or reference material; non fiction. 

This is a list of books both fiction and nonfiction  I have read, and ones I choose not to read but scanned and recommend.  I won't mention the ones I didn't care for. I have included links to Amazon for these books and YES they are affiliate links and as such I would earn a small commission if you purchase one. It will not increase the cost to you at all. Thank you for supporting this blog.


Oh my gosh! This novel, One Second After, was amazing! An EMP is the reason for this 'end of the world as we know it' book. It was very good (I even shed a few tears!) and in my uninformed opinion it is a good description of what really could happen. I found it informative as well as a great read and feel as though should an EMP 'event' ever happen I will be better prepared to help my family survive. I LOVED this one! You've got to read it!


The End: A Postapocalyptic Novel
by G.Michael Hopf
This is the first book in an series and I have read all three that are currently out. My husband and I both enjoyed this series though it has a lot of strong language. It offers the writer's view of what could happen if the world as we know it shuts down, and it gets pretty intense. I had a hard time putting it down!


Little Heathens Hard times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm during the Great Depression
 by Mildred Armstrong Kalish 

Here's a book I LOVE!   If you are looking for a fun, light hearted read that also includes lots of info about old fashion skills on a farm then this one is for you. Brought back some great memories from my own childhood and gave me lots of information I can use. This book is wonderful!

After The Man of the House and I married we day dreamed about moving to the boondocks and building a house. I wanted a rock or stone house. We bought 40 acres of land in the middle of no where and began planning while we still lived in the city of Phoenix. That was before we knew how severe my health issues were. The land was later sold and we stayed put.  But I still have some of the books we bought during that planning period and one of them was this one. I am still holding out on having a stone house one day. We found this book very informative and we felt that with it we could build our house with our own hands using a slip form method explained in it. 

Build Your Own Stone House Using the Easy Slipform Method
by Karl and Sue Schwenke

The second book listed is one I would like to read.

Root Cellaring: Natural Cold Storage of Fruits and Vegetables 
by Mike and Nancy Bubel

Here is a book I own that I bought years ago when we were planning to move to the boondocks. I found it very useful though I do not have a root cellar and probably won't have one here in Phoenix. 



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