Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh no! What did I say?

I  needed to get a new phone the other day so I started looking through my current phone to see what all I wanted to keep and what I didn’t need or want any longer.  In my voice notes I knew I had at least 1 recording of my grand daughter telling me a story as I drove her to school.  So I opened the voice note app to find it…… and low and behold it was filled with recordings! Since I had no memory of attempting recording anything other than the one conversation (I have a hard time figuring out electronics :) I was puzzled.  Looking more closely I realized that the recordings were in 10 min increments over a 24 hr period of time. Oh my gosh!? Some how I must have turned it on and it recorded 24 hours of …… what? Voices? Conversations? …..Private conversations? My life?!
My imagination was running wild and a little scared of what might be on there. That gave me pause to think, I have really been convicted lately about my mouth.  I know I need to be more careful of what and how I talk. Would I hear myself being critical, negative, or speaking love and kindness about the things I talked about that day? I was glad I was home alone, spared the embarrassment and shame because of what might be recorded in my voice notes.
One by one I started listening to them. I keep my phone on my night stand while sleeping, and this is where the recording started.  Now you are not going to get anything steamy here so don’t worry!  Mostly silence all night, a little snoring and rustling covers.  Morning sounds while I had breakfast and dressed to leave; so far so good! Car starting, driving, arriving at my son’s house.
Finally something to listening to! My grand daughter welcoming me, a song she sang as she looked through a toy box, conversation with my daughter in law, and NOTHING to be embarrassed by or ashamed of.  Whew, ok now for the rest of my day.
Sounds from work, muffled voices; phone in my purse. On to evening, phone still in purse.  Getting it out of purse. Looking for the grocery list, talking to husband. 
Are you as bored as I am? Ya, well here’s a list of 9 things I learned from this little happening.
1.       I don’t snore nearly as loud as my husband claims
2.       My life is a lot more boring if you are only listening to sounds from and around me, than I thought it should be
3.       My granddaughters voice always makes me smile
4.       I laugh a lot when I am with her
5.       I say ‘cool’ waaay more often than any gramma should, I am gonna work on that
6.       I sneeze really loud
7.       My husband and I really should work on having more meaningful conversation
8.       I’m really good at convincing him he should be the one to go to the grocery store this time
9.       Its best to live as if some one will be listening in at all hours, because someone is, and maybe your phone too


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