Thursday, March 7, 2013

Time Management & a Giveaway!

Guest Post

Hi there! I'm Michelle Muckala with and am SO excited to be part of Connie's anniversary month by guest blogging for all of her awesome readers! As a full-time working momma who is raising two young children,married to a husband who works opposite shifts as me, owns a health & wellness business, and writes articles about finding balance between a career and family, I hear a lot of women say they just wish they had more time. It's true that you can only do so much. I hear ya! After all, there is no way to make a day longer than 24 hours, a week longer than 168 hours, or a year longer than 8736 hours (and sometimes let's admit, we are glad for that). However, there is a way to make time work in your favor. I'm excited to share with you how I manage to make my crazy schedule work in my favor

My daughter and I recently read a story about Helen Keller's life. I am absolutely amazed by what this woman has accomplished in her life, blind and deaf since the age of 18 months. Did you know she went on to graduate with honors? Did you know that throughout her lifetime she met presidents and celebrities? Did you know she received many, many more honors? Did you know she also received honorary doctoral degrees from Temple University and Harvard University, as well as from many other international universities?

And did you know that Helen Keller had the SAME 168 hours that you and I both get every single week?168Hours    

That's right...every single person on this planet gets the same 168 hours a week. Me, you, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and your neighbor down the street that you love to hate because she can balance two kids on her hips while carrying out a tray of perfectly baked muffins for the PTA Bake Sale...that she never.ever.misses. I hate her too. The only difference between you and all those other women is simply in what you chose to do with your time. Yes, you have a family, you have a career, you have volunteer obligations...but what you chose to do with your time is all choice.  


Do you ever hear someone complain about how busy they are and how they never have enough time to get even simple tasks done? 

Let's take a look at priorities from a time-based standpoint. This may shock you like it did the first time Dani Johnson broke it down for me at an Advanced Leadership Conference training.
If television or sitting on Facebook is something you enjoy, then don't feel guilty about it! But if you feel you never have time to get stuff done that you wish you could get done, or you constantly feel like days fly by and you get nothing done, then your priorities may be out of line. So here's a small to do list for you this week to help you get going. This helped me SO much! In a notebook, journal, etc, come up with a list of your top five priorities in your life. Then in this same notebook/journal, keep track of where you are spending your time, and be as detailed as you can be. Then next week, take a look at this journal. How much time did you put into the five priorities in your life? Did you spend the majority of your time on these priorities? If not, then you need to adjust one of two things; your priorities, or where you are spending your time. Perhaps you don't even realize what you are spending your time on, or what your top priorities should be. Once you have completed figuring out where your time is going, and what your top priorities are, check out my calendar article here. 


Just for the readers of Family Home and Life blog, I have a super special deal just for YOU! Since we are talking about making the most out of time, I want to share with you my favorite cleaner in the entire world because I can clean a TON of stuff with the same cleaner...saving me time, saving me money, and saving me clutter! What is this sweet deal? Well, first you need to visit the article about this super awesome cleaner here. Then, if you would like to try out two bottles of this cleaner for FREE, you can enter to win simply by commenting below what your biggest time management issue is. Family Home and Life blog will pick out five random winners for these free samples! Thanks for reading :) Have a fantabulous week!  

Hello all, Connie here. You will love this cleaner! It is safe, cheap, saves time; doesn't that sound like my kind of cleaner? I hope you took the time to check out that link. The giveaway will run until March 31. I will announce the winner on Monday, April 1st. Gosh, I am so glad Michelle took the time to write this for us and sponsor this giveaway! Thank you Michelle! Ok, leave those time management issue comments!

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  1. Sounds awesome, Michelle. I'd love to try the cleaner. I'm such a scent person and although I hate to admit it, sometimes I buy my cleaning supplies according to the scent. Thank you, Connie for allowing Michelle to share this. I can't imagine having 1 bottle for everything.

  2. We all have time management problems due to not prioritizing those things that we wish to accomplish first.

    My priority is a clean, fresh house while being efficient with money and time, therefore I would love to win a couple of bottles of this cleaner.

    1. Hello Anonymous. Please reply to this reply with your name so we know who to post as winner should you win. Thanks!

  3. Just found your blog and this post was a great wake-up call. My biggest time management issue is making the most of the time after dinner in the evenings. I tend to be a morning person, so I am simply out of steam in the evening. Any ideas?

  4. Thank you Connie for guest posting me! I really appreciate you letting me get to share something that has really changed my crazy busy life-prioritizing! And thank you everyone for the comments :)

  5. Great idea! I have trouble keeping my closet and clothes organized! It is truly the last on list...always!
    -Jenn P.

  6. I would love to try this wonderful cleaner. It is the time of year that I get antsy about Spring cleaning. There is something so invigorating about opening the windows and letting the fresh air in and cleaning! I find that I don't sweat the small stuff like I used to. I just get done what a can in a days time and the rest will keep. ;)


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