Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Use for an Everyday Kitchen Tool

With all the extra effort lately to save money I have a new way to keep my feet looking good between pedicures; stretching out the time between getting them.  That saves money right? Today I have for you a kitchen tool that works so good....on your feet! 

Scotch Bright scrubbing sponges. I’m not kidding! My husband and sons have tried this and love it, men need help with their feet too. At the end of your shower when the skin on your feet is soft, soap up the scrubber side and scrub away on your heels and where ever your feet are rough. Just be sure to not scrub so hard and long that you injure yourself.  I like this so much more than a pumice stone.  It fits nicely in your hand and bends around your foot easily.

This happens to be the brand I use but I’m sure others will work fine too. This one is for ‘delicate care’ so it is softer than some. Use a bath brush on your toes and over your toe nails. You can file your toe nails down to help prolong getting a new pedicure too.
Slather your feet good with lotion after drying; but wipe the excess off the bottom of your feet so you don’t slip or dirty up the rug ok?

Update: Try a good home made scrub after you use the scrubbing sponge.


  1. What a great idea! I'm not big on pedicures because I just don't like someone else touching my feet -- weird, I know! But I would do this in a minute, thanks!!

  2. Very smart and thrifty! I never got pedicures (except for when training for my nail tech certification) until just a few years ago when my daughters decided they were a good and worthy thing to spend their money on. I do enjoy them, but they are rare, unless one of the girls is treating me, so this will come in handy, for sure. Thank you!


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