Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You’ve Got Mail!

Isn’t it fun to get a letter in the mail? I mean a real handwritten letter? Kids love to get mail too.  And they love to pretend the mail carrier has delivered something just for them. Today the grandkids where playing house and using plastic ‘letters’ in plastic ‘envelopes’ in the plastic ‘mail box’. Well yuk! I’m not a fan of plastic though I do appreciate all the good things plastic does for us.

So we headed to the craft table room and they addressed real envelopes and wrote letters. They had a good time and they had sooo much more fun playing postman with real envelopes with real letters inside. Just about anything can be a mail box or mail basket.

I often find cards and envelopes for next to nothing at thrift stores and now I have a good use for them.

I know a grandmother or two who would love to get this letter!


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