Monday, August 1, 2011

Thrift Store Find

Look what I found at my local Thrift store! I stopped to drop off some donations and went inside for a quick look. It was 1/2 off housewares day. This sweet little tea set was $5, making it $2.50 with the discount. I have been looking for just the right set for my kiddos, and this is it! I usually find better deals at little neighborhood thrift stores than I do at the big chain stores you see everywhere.

It is missing the lid to the tea pot, and the sugar bowl. But we don't mind because it is for play anyway. Oh, and perfect price too! I prefer real to plastic any day. I don't have ceramic tile floors so no worries with breakage and safety. Can't wait for our first tea party with this new set!

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  1. I love thrift shop finds. Have a great time at your first tea party.


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