Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Day From My Life…

7am: I got to sleep in! My first batch of grand kids, an 18 month old and a 4 year old arrive at 7:45.

8am: Mom, on her way to first day of a new job, drops off my second batch of grand kids, a 2yr old and another 4 yr old, about 8am. Play has seriously begun as I try to get breakfast into the first two. I see the pots and pans from last night (man of the house cooked, didn't clean, I worked late) and decide to wait a while to wash them. Should we do crafts, or just let the kids play what ever they want? They seem happy so I let be for now, mostly I am a referee.
9:15am: Earlier than expected, Dad of second batch of grand kids (2yr old, 4 yr old) arrives after work to pick up kids.
9:30am: I am making the remaining kids a snack when I spy a almond chocolate bar in the back of the fridge. I quickly take it out and hide it while I remove the wrapper. I didn't have breakfast yet. I am sneaking bites of candy and trying not to get caught while having conversation with the kids. I notice 4 yr old is watching me closely; then realize it is because she is sneaking cheese bites off her brothers plate! Where did she learn that trick?

9:45am: Dad of 3 month old drops off that sweet cuddly thing, aka Itty Bitty, that makes gramma talk silly and grin non stop, on his way to work.
10:30am: Itty Bitty falls asleep, too soon for Gramma’s liking. I play dolls and dress up with 4 yr old and try to occupy 18 month old so he doesn't pester his sister.
11:30am: First batch of grand kids are having lunch and Itty Bitty is still sleeping; 18 month old who has been cranky and throwing food, falls asleep in the middle of lunch, too early for regular naptime. As I clean him up and take him off to bed, I wonder if he is getting sick. This is not his normal behavior, he's typically happy and easy going.

12pm: Only 4 yr old is awake now and I am yawning. We are painting pictures together.
12:30pm: As I am hanging reams of paper picture creations, 10 month old arrives, it’s time for her lunch, mom heads to the hospital to see ill relative. 4 yr old keeps us company while I feed 10 month old.
1pm: Time for 4 yr olds nap.
1:30pm: Itty Bitty wakes up, needs a bottle NOW! I am following around crawling 10 month old while I give the bottle to Itty Bitty to make sure 10 month old stays safe. Also because she wants to go see where the other two are and who I don’t want woke up yet. Make a mental note to myself; “get a child safety gate for hall”
1:45pm: 18 month old wakes up and screams to get out of the pac n play. I get him quick before he wakes up his sister. He has a major runny nose! Now I have the 18 month old who wants to feed toys to Itty Bitty and take toys from the 10 month old, and appears definitely sick. Also he is trying to play by whacking everything and everyone. I’m trying to keep him a safe distance from the little ones because I don’t want them to get hurt or get his germs. I really need a bathroom break! I strap Itty Bitty in the swing, put 10 month old in the pac n play (after changing sheets), grab a toy and take the 18 month old with me to the bathroom shutting the door so he can’t get out.
2:15pm: Papa arrives home from work picking his way through toys strewn on the floor, and is immediately put into service holding Itty Bitty who still needs to burp.
2:30pm: Papa gives Itty Bitty back because he needs to shower and go to his second part time job. Is that a look of relief on his face that he's leaving?? No couldn't be!
3pm: 4 yr old is up and I give her and 18 month old a snack. Anne and mom, now off work, arrive to pick up Itty Bitty and I get to hear about Anne's first day of school. She had fun, and has a new friend. I’m happy for her good day. I am also ready for a break though I hate to see them leave; this is wearing me out trying to keep the little ones separated!
3:30pm: Time for 10 month old's bottle, then off for her nap. I lay down by her pac n play to calm her and soon she is asleep. Me too......for a minute.
4pm: I am getting a bad headache and remember I forgot to eat anything again when I fed the kids, so I make a sandwich and it takes 15 minutes because 4 yr old keeps bringing me plastic dinosaurs so I can read the names of them imprinted on their tummies. Mostly I can’t pronounce them so I make up something silly and she laughs before running to get another one. 18 month old wants attention too so he starts bringing me plastic French fries from the plastic toy kitchen. I pretend they are burning my fingers and my mouth and act silly as I pretend to eat them. He giggles and runs for more things for me to ‘eat’.  Sandwich in hand, I announce to them that I am going to eat my real sandwich and during that time to be patient because I will only be eating said sandwich and not reading dinosaur names either. They stand in front of me with the plastic toys and wait….. for 2 bites before asking "What is this ones name Gramma?"
5pm: Mom of 10 month old arrives and tells me about ill relative. We visit and wait for her little one, the 10 month old to wake. I notice the unwashed pots and pans out of the corner of my eye.
5:30pm: Dad of first batch of grand kids, the 4 yr old and 18 month old, arrives.
6pm: All kids have now left the premises; ( I am trying to not do a happy dance, what kind of a Grand Mother am I???) I walk to the fridge to get a big cold glass of Sun Tea and remember I forgot to put it outside earlier that day. I settle for water. I see that the pots and pans are quietly waiting on the stove. I turn around and head for my recliner. It’s then I notice that there is not one single toy put back where it belongs. How did that happen? No one remembered to help pick up. I turn on the TV to watch news and plop down in my chair wondering what to make for dinner.

Oh well, tomorrows another day, and it starts all over again!

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  1. Shew! It wore me out just to read that! How in the world do you do it? I love the sneaking of the candy bar. That is SO something I would do!

    Thank you so much for linking up to GRAND Social!

  2. Connie this was hysterical! As my daughter would say "you can't make this $hit up!" I don't know how you do it! AND you still find time to blog!

  3. Believe me I am wore out at the end of the day! I lost 30 lbs in a year after I took on sitting the kids. No exercise program needed! Sometimes I don't feel like I'm going to make but I always do :)


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