Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rewarding Behavior

I have found a new use for my Mason jars that helps me have a happy time with my kiddos:
half pint Mason jar with fruit roll up pieces

I take a half pint mason jar for each child and announce there will be an ‘reward time’ later in the day; and I am sure to make good on the time promised. I reward the children who do kind acts for one another all on their own with out being asked to, by placing a reward in their jar. I strongly discourage them behaving badly toward each other or for down right meanness. Every now and then when it seems appropriate, I remind everyone of the reward time coming up to encourage good behavior. 

In the same way, I remove a treat from the jar of the child who earned that deduction, making sure they see me add or subtract a treat and explain why. They seem to better understand the visual of the adding or taking away of a reward better than mere lip service. I cut fruit roll ups into 4 or 5 pieces and one piece is a reward. Of course M&M’s could be the reward, coins, or what ever you wanted to use that would motivate your child. My little ones are doing better, and sometimes after an act of kindness they look up at me and smile, making sure I noticed. I let them know I did, with a treat reward and a word of praise.


  1. Praise and positive reinforcement like this can do such a great job of motivating a child! Great idea!

  2. Thanks, it works well. Now the kids are better and I don't use it as often. I guess it served it's purpose!


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