Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Harvest Day 2011

As I write this post I am thinking about this last year. You see, it's my one year anniversary of starting this blog. I thought I would be having a big celebration with you all but I don’t have time or energy just now to do that. And really, I opened it up to the public in March of this year (it was a family only blog before) so I’ve decided to wait until next March to celebrate. I’m not as busy that time of the year either. Any suggestions on how I should celebrate my blogiversary? I would love to do some giveaways at least; we’ll see how the bank account looks by then.  

But today I wanted to let you know that our Family Harvest Day was a wonderful time, and we ended up having it here at my home. The grassy area in the nice gated community where we had planned to have our Harvest Day, was reseeded only days before our gathering date; all nicely wet and fertilized. Yes, you have to go with the flow sometimes and the show had to go on. It was standing room only around here at my house, but we had fun anyway.

I served pulled pork that I slow roasted in my oven in roasting bags. It was so good! Everyone brought sides and desserts to share. I used my corelle dishes I had purchased along with the vintage flatware; we drank ice tea and lemonade from Mason jars. We made our scarecrows in the driveway. Not everyone made a full size scarecrow; and some went home before this picture.

I nixed the games I had planned due to lack of room and grass for the kids to run on. The kids had fun playing with all my toys; my house looks like a daycare with toys and play areas set up in several rooms. Yes I had a mess to clean up but I didn’t have to pack and haul my food, decorations, etc anywhere either so it worked out just fine.

It was another wonderful memory maker, family bond builder, and fun day! I hope you are enjoying your fall; make some memories with your family this season.


  1. What a fun time! Kudos to you for being willing to host even though it was not your original plan. And congratulations to you on your upcoming blogoversary!

  2. Thanks! I just need some ideas about celebrating and sharing it with all of you!

  3. My grandkids are all coming next weekend for a similar celebration. We're going to decorate pumpkin cookies, dress up in costumes, make our scarecrow man, watch Halloween cartoons, read Halloween stories, and have a wiener roast. I hope our celebration turns out as well as yours did.

  4. What a wonderful event you had and you did a great job of just going with the flow! Hope you have just as much fun this year!

  5. Oh how fun! And what a grand way to celebrate your blog! I started mine in August over four years ago. Every year I think I'll do something big and special but the Sandwich Generation duties of life always seem to ramp up and stop it - whether it's a senior mom's surgery, or delightful grandkid activities or.... :) Ah well, maybe next year for me too :) Autumn blessings to you!


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