Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another New Year

Today is New Year’s day. I’m sitting on my back patio enjoying a beautiful Arizona afternoon. It’s really quiet! Not a grandkid in sight and the man of the house is out on an errand. The Christmas tree is down, decorations are put away, and I’m in the mood for a good deep cleaning of the whole house. I want to clear out things too; get organized again, simplify and start fresh.

That’s the way I always feel this time of the year. Resolutions for the new year? No, don’t make those any more. But I do take time to think about things I would like to see happen this coming year. I won’t do it all at one time but rather keep a note book handy and jot down ideas as they come to me. Then after a couple of weeks go by I’ll take a good look at my list, number the things written there from most important to me to the least. I’ll put them into categories aiming for a well rounded list; I will see if I am out of balance by having too many expectations in any one area.

My plans will be for my family: gathering my family closer and working on creating those strong family bonds. This will include my marriage of course, my relationship with my adult kids and their spouses, and the grandkids. My home: deep cleaning and decluttering, repairs, organization, decorating etc. My life: my health plans like exercising and eating right, my spiritual life, my social life and emotional life. I don’t forget that learning is a life long experience. I think about areas I fall short in and need to work on.

After organizing my plans in all these different areas, I think about how they all fit together and when I hope to accomplish each one. I break each one down into sizable, workable pieces, write them down and add them onto a calendar where necessary. I learned years ago at a sales seminar to “Plan your work, then work your plan” Well, that has worked well for me for many years. When I find I’m not on track or way behind getting ready for something, it’s usually because I didn’t ‘work my plan’. Of course life happens and I often have to change things. I try to build into my plan room for those changes and time spent doing things that just happen along the way. This planning is a mere visual guide, a map, not a contract that has to be followed to the letter.

As I look back over the year and flip through the notes I’ve made along the way, it’s amazing at what God has done in my family, home and life! I marvel at some things, shake my head at others wondering how we made it through. I smile at the note about the precious new little one that joined our family, and the other three first birthdays we celebrated. So much life lived, so much family to hold close and love, so much to be thankful for!

May God bless you all, and best wishes to you for a Happy New Year!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The New Year is a great time for refreshing and rethinking.


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