Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Awww! Fresh and Clean

I had a few extra days without G kids around after Christmas. And I had a plan for that extra time too. I started by making a list of things that I want and like to do but never have the time for. I thought I would choose some things off that list for those extra free days. But, nope, that is not what I did at all! I decided what I wanted more than anything else was a really clean house! Kids can really dirty up a house; can I get an Amen?
top of the pantry

After I had put the Christmas decorations away I rearranged some of my d├ęcor items.
I freshened up my plants by sitting them in my bathtub and using my hand held shower sprayer, spraying them with lukewarm water to clean them and flush out built up minerals and salts from the pots.  

I cut off all the long draping branches and wound the rest in a circle, then secured them down with floral wire.

I topped off all my plant pots with new moss for a clean finished look.
Then I got down to some serious cleaning. I started with the bathrooms and first cleaned out the inside of all drawers and cabinets. I checked expiration dates on things, tossed them if needed and then added the item to my shopping list to purchase more.  Shelves were wiped down, drawers wiped out, things re-organized, and replaced. Then I moved on to the rest of the room going from top to bottom and left to right, making sure to clean everything; walls, ceiling, decorative items, nothing was left untouched. I washed the fabric shower curtains and replaced the plastic liners with new ones. Wow that felt good!
In my bedroom I had already started a deep cleaning a while back by cleaning and organizing my closet and dresser. I continued on with the night stand drawers and TV armoire. Then, top to bottom and left to right, all surfaces were wiped, brushed, or vacuumed as needed. I found a surprise behind the drapes and on the window sill.  Apparently, during rain showers, there has been a leak there undetected for a while. So, while the repairing won’t be fun, I’m glad I decided to clean when I did before the leaky window damage was greater.

Hmmm, I'm thinking it looks a little plain .... maybe I need to update in the bedroom too. No, not doing any throw pillows; throw pillows equal clutter for me. Any ideas for me? Needs to be kid friendly!
My husband put shelves in the play room closet for me and I organized the baby and kids equipment I store in there, and then I cleaned out all my kitchen drawers and cabinets. I ran out of time to finish the kitchen, but I am glad that I choose to spend my extra free time by cleaning! It’s amazing how much lighter you feel just by cleaning the house. I had been cringing every time I opened a kitchen drawer and saw the crumbs in there!
By the way, I always listen to an audio book while I work, it makes the time so much more rewarding. I place a portable cd player with headphones in a fanny pack or apron pocket that I wear while cleaning if I am not alone in the house or if I am moving around a lot. (I don’t have an iPod or MP3 player). I get my audio books at my local library in cd form. I don’t think I would clean for long at all if I couldn’t listen to a book at the same time. I have ‘read’ a lot of books like this! Sometimes I even look for more cleaning to do if I’m at a good place in the book and don’t want to stop listening. J


  1. Hi, Connie - I found you from TravelinOma's blog. Your profile, could be my profile. My name is Connie. I have 5 adult children (his and mine) and 8 grandchildren. But I don't live in Phoenix and as far as I know #9 isn't on the way. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Glad to meet you! And thanks; very glad to hear you like my blog :) Hope you will be back. I'll be doing at least one give away coming up for my blogoversary.

  3. I do the audio books, too! It's amazing how much less I dread housework when I know I can listen to a good book. I load books on my iPod or iPhone, using my library account to download and transfer them. They are free that way, too!

  4. This was great. I know cleaning is boring to post about or may seem obvious to you, But I often wish I had someone with me telling me what to do and how to do it the best and most efficient way. Weird I know. I just think there must be a strategy that would be helpful. I live with my 3 little boys and one husband and I'm a little bit messy myself (I swear I don't know how to cook without making a mess in the kitchen). I just always feel like I'm behind and I feel guilty not spending time with my family and I get grumpy whith them when I've spent time cleaning only to have them come dirty it all up. I have started a schedule which helps a lot and I clean top to bottom. But, really tell me what you do. I have many clean freak friends who just don't even know how to answer that question - just do it - they say. I don't get it. I think it may be because my Mom wasn't all that in to cleaning. She thinks I'm a clean freak. Ha! I would love it if you would post your daily cleaning tips. I alwa


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