Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Wow it has been a busy month! I stepped up my posting and had my first ever giveaways. I know I have had fun this month and I hope you have enjoyed it too. I have learned a lot this last year; about blogging, time management, computers, photography (I think I'm getting better), keeping first things first, and how to type one handed with a toddler on your hip!

I want to thank one special person who has been very encouraging to me. She is someone I have never met, or even talked to on the phone. But she stops by my blog on a regular basis and leaves me a comment. Comments are very encouraging, they let you know someone is reading you! Bloggers work hard to take an idea from conception to a complete post with photos.

This person, Susan Adcox, has encouraged me more than she can know. I want to say thank you Susan for your input. It has meant a lot! By the way, Susan is also a blogger and she really knows her stuff! Her blog is a grand parenting blog, Grandparents, and I hope you will stop by. It has all kinds of information related to being a grandparent today. Susan asked me to write a piece about sewing with your grandchildren, and at the bottom of her home page you will see a picture of a sweet girl (my oldest grand daughter) holding a heart princess wand with the caption Grand Crafts. Click on it to read my post there. 

Also I should mention the man of the house here, because he has to listen to me talk about my blog, complain about our old computer, do errands for me because I'm blogging and don't have time to do them. And, he also reads every post before I publish it to make sure I edited correctly and most importantly, that it makes sense when it's read! Yes, grandma brain is an issue around here some times :) Thank you darlin!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate you all so much! And now I'm going to go take a break; for a minute or two.... maybe three :)

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  1. I love coming to Family Home and Life. It feels like stopping by a good friend's house to see what crafts she is doing and what the family has been up to. Thanks for the shout-out, and I just know that you'll be blogging for years to come!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Your welcome to stop by any time, put your feet up and stay a while!


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