Tuesday, May 29, 2012

123 Draw

My second to oldest grand daughter loves dinosaurs. And she loves for me to draw them for her so she can color them; except I don't really know how. When I found this second hand book, 123 Draw Dinosaurs by Freddie Levin, I knew I wanted it and it hasn't disappointed me at all! It shows you how to take a basic shape like an oval, then add to it until you have a dinosaur. It has many different kinds of dino's too so you will have lots of choices.

Through some google research, I found out that there are other 123 Draw_____ books out there such as 123 Draw Pets and Farm Animals, Castles and Dragons, People, Vehicles, Ocean Life, Cartoons and the list goes on. I will be purchasing a few more of these and look forward to the fun it will create around here. I found that through Amazon you can find pretty much all of them.

Do you have a book or series of books that you would recommend for kids, that has added to the fun at your house?

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  1. I don't have book recommendations beyond the 1-2-3, but I do love the fact that my both my grand children are always entertained by the opportunity to draw. Paper, crayons, pencils, markers, and paints=hours of activity.

    1. Thats wonderful! Get those imaginations working :)

  2. There is a series of "If you" books that aren't for crafts but that Amara and I have really enjoyed. Her favorite was "If you lived 100 years ago". "If you traveled west in a covered wagon" and "If you sailed the Mayflower" are a couple of other good ones. As for the drawing -- Amara is much more artistic than her Grandma!

  3. Thank you for the tip on these books! Building from basic shapes is the right way to learn to draw. It is so frustrating for kids to try any other way and then give up because they are not happy with the results. I bought some Kumon learning books from Amazon. While the graphics are very appealing, my 3 year old grandsons were only interested in them for a short time, but maybe it's just the boys! I will try them later on with my granddaughter. They teach folding, pasting, cutting and coloring.

  4. Grandma KC: Thanks for the "If you" books info. I'll check those out because I love that stuff. I hope the grandkids do too.

    J: I will also look for the Kumon books, thanks!It sounds like you may be an art teacher? :)


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