Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kids Painting Projects Recycled

I surely do have a bored out of school kindergartener. I’m always trying to find ways to keep her busy. Now that she is an educated school girl it seems that Gramma isn’t as much fun as she use to be pre school days. That’s so sad!!! For me anyway…..well.  I’m working on that problem but I am having a hard time engaging her;  she wants to play with her friends.

It's not a clear picture but you can see the boredom on her face. I pulled out all the left behind paintings that the little kids left behind and some other discarded paper and told her I needed them cut into strips and the other pile needed to be circle punched for an art project I wanted to do.

She got to work and had a big mess in progress and after I put Itty Bitty down to nap I sat down with her to do my project. Of course she decided to help me. This is a good way to use up and recycle those papers that would just be thrown away.

We used the punched circles to make new art.  I talked to her about using them to make patterns using the circles with the same colors.

One used only circles that looked like they came from the same ‘family’ or the from the same paintings.

One circle picture was totally random.

I 'needed' a paper chain too so we glued some strips together from the cut paintings.

Our glue bottle was low and that is annoying waiting for it to run to the opening so we kept it upside down in an old mug between uses.

Here's a weaving project we made with some paper strips. I tapped one end of each strip down to the backing paper and then we weaved the strips through. Then I secured all strip ends with a drop of glue.

She also decided to make something for the Fourth of July; a finger print painting. Well, I managed to keep her busy for an hour or so but then she was back to being bored. I’ll have to think up something new.

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  1. I wanted a quick break from work and went here to see what you were up to

    Like that fingerpainted FLAG! :)

  2. Oh, they really do grow up too quickly. My eleven year old grand daughter misses her friends when she comes to visit. Five year old grand son...still thinks grandma is the best.

  3. Debra- Thank you!

    Olga- It's crazy how fast they grow up! I'm shaking my head saying "where did the time go" and how did I lose her so easily? I wish she was home schooled now. I'll blame it on school :)

  4. Your new art really is wonderful and how fortunate that you needed that chain made! They really do grow up way to fast! How does that happen and where is the rewind button. I want one like on the DVR so I can go back and enjoy certain moments and I know it is only going to get worse! At least we have our cameras!

    1. That's the perfect idea! Do they have an app for that? :)


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