Monday, June 25, 2012

Nesting Update

Well the eggs have hatched! Look how big these babies are? It always amazes me how those little eggs hatch into such big babies. I’m sure a lot of it is fluff. If you missed the first post and you want to see mom, it's here.

Several days later and look how they have grown? 

This morning I went to check on them and they are gone. My plant survived nicely, but I'll miss checking on my little birdies. 

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  1. Wow, they flew the nest very quickly! Your photographs are beautiful and so are those baby birds.

  2. These photos are so good / so beautiful~
    You get beautiful birds and I get weird ones that hang dryer sheets from their nests or poop on my car

    Just sayin' life is not always fair ha ha

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Debra: your birds are very inventive not weird :D


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