Tuesday, July 10, 2012

15 things you may not know about today's grandparents

My friend Lisa from Grandma's Briefs did some research and discovered some interesting facts about Grandparents. Lisa is guest posting her finds here today. You can also read them where they were orginally posted here at Grandma's Briefs. The picture though, is mine.

The majority of today’s grandparents—53% of grandmothers and 54% of grandfathers—are Baby Boomers under age 65.

• The average age of becoming a grandparent in the United States is 48.

• There were an estimated 65 million grandmothers and grandfathers in 2010. By 2020, they are projected to reach 80 million, at which time they will be nearly one-in-three adults.

• The number of grandparents is growing at twice the overall population growth rate.

• A majority of those with grandchildren are women, in part because on average women age 45+ live approximately seven years longer than men. At the time the 2010 Census was conducted, there were about 124 grandmothers for every 100 grandfathers.

• Today’s grandparents are more likely to be college graduates (37%) and fully employed than at any time in the past.

• The grandparent-age share of the nation's income is 60%.

• The mean annual income of grandparent-age households was $68,500—about $500 above the mean income for all U.S. households. Among all grandparent-age households, about one-in-four had an annual income of $90,000 or more.

• They spend $52 billion a year on their grandkids.

• There are an estimated 4.5 million grandparent headed households that include one or more of their grandchildren. That means approximately one in every nine (11%) grandparent households includes at least one grandchild.

• Three-quarters of grandparents are online. Forty-five percent are on social networks, and six percent have started a blog.

• 70 percent of grandparents see their grandchildren at least once a week.

• Forty-three percent exercise or play sports.

• Thirty-eight percent report having sex at least twice a week.

• Ten percent have a tattoo.

Sources: US Census Bureau, MetLife Mature Market Institute, Grandparents.com

Today's question:
What on the list surprises you...and what would you like to add?

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  1. Hi Connie, thanks for your visit. I liked your post. Some great info. I think maybe what surprises me most is the number that have a tattoo. Now I have to realize I am one of the oldest grandmoms at 75 so I must consider that grandparents are into the age group that would have gotten a tattoo in their teens or twenties where as I was never into the tattoo phase. I do have pierced ears however. Blog every day and love it. Come again.

    1. I was kinda surprised when I read the 10% tattoo bit as a lot, I’m sure Lisa included that as kind of a fun fact; Lisa is a fun person :) But believe me, we all are not young and foolish when we get a tat :) My ears are also pierced. You bet I'll be back, enjoyed your blog. I hope you come back here and link up too. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I thought I would add here what surprised me. I was surprised at the amount of annual income, I'm not in that group. Not surprised by the amount of money spent on grand kids though. Retailers take notice! Also surprised by how many households included grandchildren.

  3. That was fun and interesting to read! What I take away from it is that grandparents are a force to be reckoned with, particularly in the economic area. I do try to stay away from excessively buying things for my adult children because I want them to learn to budget and stand on their own, but the fact is that 99% of my discretionary spending is on the grand kids! It's just fun and I have earned that right to buy cute things and see them enjoyed by the kids.


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