Monday, July 30, 2012

Mason Jar Monday

Today I have a special gift for my blogger friend Joyce. You can find Joyce over at What Happens At Grandma's and let me tell you, she plans and executes some pretty amazing events for her grand children. You will be amazed at what you find over there.

Whenever I see Jelly Beans I think of Joyce. And not just because she has them on her blog background. Like Jelly Beans Joyce is colorful, sweet, bursting with delicious ideas, and sometimes you will get a surprise because you were expecting one flavor but got another. Jelly Beans are cheerful, bright, great at all kinds of parties and events, and I have yet to meet a person that did not like them. And that’s why when I see Jelly Beans I think of my blogger friend Joyce. So today on Mason Jar Monday I have a Mason Jar gift of Jelly Beans just for you, Joyce.  Happy Monday!

Update: By the way, I was just over at Debra's and she has a Mason Jar for Lisa over there. Stop by to see it. My previous post about Mason jar gifts is here. Oh and when the jelly beans are all gone Joyce, you can have it to do something with it yourself. Can't wait to see what a creative person like comes up with!
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  1. Connie, THANK YOU! What a sweet, sweet surprise to wake up to! I am very complimented by this thoughtful little tribute and the kind words that accompany it! From now on, whenever I'm grumpy, I'll just have to tell myself to "quit it" and be the "jelly bean kind of person" that others think I am! You have really made me happy today! THANK YOU!

    1. You are welcome! My jelly bean jar is now sitting on my kitchen counter and I think of you every time I see it. :)

  2. I do think we should just call her Jelly Bean Joyce! She is truly amazing and your gift to her is beautiful!

    1. Thanks, we could call her that ;)

  3. HI CONNIE!!!
    WHAT A sweet post!!
    I love jelly the colors...that sweet taste.....
    And what a great gift idea!!!!
    I forgot to do say it Saturday....I Hurt my left index was swollen and sore...I think I sprained it...doing what???Who is still swollen...not as much and sore....trying to type with one hand.....
    SO I apologize.... I will do one next Sat.....
    did I ever send you my e-mail address????I think I forgot!!!
    Let me know if I did or did not
    hugs 2 U,

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by. Its ok about Say It Saturday, just do it when you can. We would love to have you. Sorry about your finger. Could it be the weather we are having lately? I know I’m having extra aches and I have two sore fingers. No, you didn’t send the email address, do it when you get a minute .

  4. SWEET POST and Sweeter Jar! :)


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