Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Lose Weight in 3 Easy Steps

This post is about six months overdue but I still thought it relevant. About a year and a half ago my doctor pointed out to me yet again, that if I didn’t lose some weight I would have to start taking blood pressure meds. I decided I’d rather lose the extra weight.
Now I’ve tried to lose that extra weight many many times and it was just too hard to do. I’d lose a few pounds and they would come back again. I think that really I was just lying to myself about how much I ate and how much exercise I did or didn’t do. In other words, I always made excuses for my failure. I have a thyroid problem, I’m on HRT’s too, and that makes for a combo that seems to cause the weight to pile on and not want to come of.  
This time I prepared by thinking about what tripped me up and made a plan.  Then I stuck with my plan and just about a year to the date, a birthday gift to myself, I lost 30 pounds! I was so proud of myself! I want to tell you how I did it and there is a trick or two that really helps.
Problem  #1. I am not good at being hungry; I like to eat most anytime of the day.  I needed to be able to eat when I wanted to so I needed the right things available to eat when I was hungry.
Solution #1; eat when I feel like it.
Problem #2.  The eating plan needed to be foods easy to prepare that I could keep stocked up on. Something I could grab and go when I needed lunch or a snack to take with me.
Solution #2; shop ahead for the right foods and keep them on hand.
Problem #3. I needed a way to bring movement and exercise into my whole day not just a portion of it.
I decided I would be the most successful by eating vegetables and cutting out high calorie snacks. Vegetables are usually low calorie foods without all the added stuff we put on them.  Not only are vegetables full of nutrients they also have a lot of fiber so I felt full after eating. Frozen veggies are easy to prepare and easy to store. I began to eat lots of vegetables, snacks were veggies, and each meal I ate a half portion of whatever I cooked for the man of the house but filled up on a cup or so of veggies first. I would season the veggies different ways so I had lots of variety.
Solution #3; The diet was working out great and after about a week I began to stop craving all the junk and ice cream I had eaten before. (After I began to add movement and exercise to the diet I was able to go off the diet completely.) The adding more movement and exercise into everyday was also a snap for me.
You see I have this wonderful team that comes to my house several times a week. No, I don’t even have to leave home for my workout. They make sure I am up and moving at all times! I rarely get a break with these two. And the really great part is that I hardly notice (until they go home that is) that I have been exercising my butt off , as they are so much fun.

Ladies and gentleman, meet my workout team!

Get yourself a pair of workout partners like this and you will be up off that couch in no time flat running around the house just like me trying to keep up. I PROMISE!
Can’t get two? One will work but it may take longer.

I say go for a team, two or even three and get that body moving!

The pounds will melt off and before long you can toss that diet right out the window.

You will be running around so much you will be able to eat anything you want and still not gain it back.

Well, that was easy wasn't it? Now I've had some fun here but I really did lose 30 pounds just like I said, and I did it by eat my veggies and yes, working out with my team.

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  1. HA :) This cracked me up! I have 5 kiddos, the youngest 2 being 3 yr old and 10 months old .... never a dull moment, that's for sure!

  2. That was cute! A wonderful combination of wise and funny! I do know the exercise part! I have the same type of team. The second I sit down, I hear, "Grandma?" and away I go again, usually to fetch something! I am going to start on the frozen veggie regimen per your advice. You did great meeting your goal and have inspired me to try it too!

  3. So cute Connie! You definitely have the cutest work out team I have ever seen. Love all the pictures of the together. They have both grown so much.

  4. Oh and great job too by the way that is a great accomplishment!

  5. Great job on weight loss! I'm doing great on eating OK but I miss my team like this. Especially now with me doing translating job, I sit way too much. Really need to start moving more...

  6. HI CONNIE!!!!
    I LOVE your exercise program!!!I have 2 GRANDS.....not the same age, but 2 none the 18 month old Does indeed keep me running!!!!I started a diet last week......I have about 6-7 weeks before our cruise..really did not want to take my menopause 15 pound addition with I thought get busy!!!
    I started out doing HIgh Protein...low carbs....but found by day 2 or 3 I was going to Kill for something decided to do the low calorie.....I eat 2 eggs scrambled with a little cheese for breakfast with 1 slice of 45 calorie bread.....snack a cheese stick.....lunch is almost anything if it is under 500 calories, snack is light yogurt...dinner again...almost anything 500 calories.......a weight watcher fudgecycle at night.....I also do 20 minutes on the tread mill Every day....So far 4 pounds have disappeared!!!!
    IT IS very hard to lose at our age...but I think eating right and moving is the key!!!
    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  7. Congratulations Connie! 30 pounds is HUGE!!! And while I realize you had a great workout team -- you get a whole lot of credit for just sticking to it all! Nice job!!

  8. Congrats on the weight loss but what a cute workout team ! :) Little darlings! :)

  9. I think you definitely have the cutest work out team I have ever seen. Love all the pictures of the together. They have both grown so much.

  10. WOW! Congratulations on the weight loss. There is no way around it--eat less and exercise more--but how lucky are you to have that team of personal trainers!

  11. Congratulations to you! Who needs to pay a personal trainer?


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