Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seed Packet Template

Update: I have remade the seed packets here. They are nicer than the others I made previously. If you don't see the outline of the packet in the PDF, it still prints out like it should.  (at least it does when I test it)

With fall just around the corner ( yes it's wishful thinking!)  it will soon be time to start saving seeds from you garden. So I thought I would be real smart and make a seed template for you to print out. I’ve not made printables before and I searched high and low for a tutorial to learn how it's done. It took some work let me tell you.  (to figure it out, for me at least) Here is the link to the one tutorial that finally helped me in case you need one. 
I made this one (below) the old school way, drawing, tracing and cutting then scanning it into the computer. I scanned it as a photo then took it to Pixlr to add the text. It doesn't look as slick as the other seed packet templates out there. 

Then, I made three more printable seed packet templates for you using PicMonkey

They can be printed on regular printer paper or onto card stock for a sturdier packet. Pretty scrap book paper could also be used. For some reason, the outline doesn't always show up in the PDF, but it is there so print it even though you don't see it. 

 Click here for the Harvest Round Up Seed Packet.

Click here for the large seed packet.  Click here for two small seed packets on one sheet like the one above.
It would be a fun project for the kids to decorate your seed packet template before you cut it out. Let them color it with crayons, markers, or stamps if you like. I vote for small garden themed stamps J
Cut out your template and fold where you see the dotted lines in the picture at the top. (Your print out will not have the dotted lines) For a nice clean fold, use a ruler or other straight edge to fold the template over on. Glue back flaps and bottom flap down. Top can be taped or glued.

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  1. Clever. I do it the lazy way and just settle for whatever volunteers itself for a second year.

  2. You sure did a lot of homework to learn how to load things to Google doc for download! Good job and I like the little seed packets. I took a class once on making greeting cards -- not the electronic ones but the kind you print out. The most difficult was figuring out which way to put the paper in the printer so that you could print both sides and have them both going in the right direction when you folded it! It was a lot of fun!

  3. This is cute, Connie! This would be great to do with my kiddos for a homeschool project for next year :)

  4. I get so many cute ideas from you! When I host my "Halloween Harvest" party based on your harvest event, I will have the kids decorate these seed packets and then fill them with seeds from their pumpkins. What a nice way to let kids see the transfer of life from one year's plant to the next!


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