Friday, August 17, 2012

Spin Painting

We had some fun with paint the other day and I put to use a kitchen tool I haven’t used in years; my plastic salad spinner.

We needed to cut paper rounds to fit into the bottom of the spinner.  I found that the lid to this large bucket of play dough was the right size to trace for paper rounds to fit inside the spinner.  The lid was traced onto the paper with a pencil and cut out.

I used tempera paint and added water to it to thin it out a little; about 2 parts paint to one part water in plastic squirt bottles. 

The paint was dripped or squirted onto the paper and then the spinning began.  

Usually I needed to help hold it down while each child spun the handle. Oh, you will need a towel underneath it as the excess paint will come out through the bottom.

We experimented with dripping the paint on different parts of the paper rounds, middle and sides; and one color on top of another. We found that you can put too much paint on because too much caused the paper to crumple up on one side from the weight of the paint as it spins around.

Left over paint can be stored in the squirt bottles by removing the top, covering with a plastic baggie and then replacing the top.

It was a great activity and kept them busy for a long long time.

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  1. We had one of those when my kids were young. Fun memories.

    1. I always wanted 'one' but never had 'one'.

  2. Replies
    1. It was fun, never the same picture twice.

  3. What a fun MESS that looks like! :)

  4. Smart lady! The spin art just like this (well, without a salad spinner) was always one of the more popular crafts and activities at the family carnivals my daughters' elementary school had many moons ago.

  5. This would be fun and admittedly I haven't used the salad spinner to spin salad in a long time! We still eat lots of salads I just blot it with paper towels and it does seem to work better!


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