Friday, August 3, 2012

When Little Boys Play

We had six of the nine grand kids over for a visit the other day. I noticed that the Little People doll house and Little People garage were not being played with in the usual manner.

There were dinosaurs roaming the parking garage.

And when they were thirsty the had a drink from the gas pump.

Little dinosaurs slept in the baby's bed.

And junior had a ride on daddy's back, just like any little dinosaur would want to do. And that's how it works when little boys play.

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  1. Replies
    1. I loved it! I sat here just watching and taking pictures ;)

  2. I am continually delighted watching the way my grandsons play after having only daughters of my own...and being one of three sisters. What your (very cute!) grandson was doing with the dinos could easily happen here. I'll bet there were also sound effects with the activity too! Cute and funny!

    1. Oh yes I should have talked about the sound effects! Lots of big daddy roars and little dino squeaks, too cute!

  3. Wonderful imagination at work. I love to see that kind of play.

  4. So cute! It really is amazing what their little imaginations can come up with -- oh I wish we could have heard those roars!

  5. My grandsons almost never play with toys the way they are intended to be played with. Often the play involves dismantling something. I hope there are lots of careers in the future that involve taking things apart, and not necessarily putting them back together!

  6. HI!!
    BOYS indeed play differently then girls!!I saw it when my were little and now as my grands play.....but it is cute to see how they play with the same things and so different.

  7. This is too funny! In the late spring we had the barn and calico critters etc out on the table and next you know Brent went and got two dinosaurs and the rest of the game was ROAR scare the little barn animals and critters! :)

    Your pictures are so cute! I was cracking up....


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