Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget?

I remember, it was early here and I was still sleeping and my husband was too. He was recovering from surgery so he wasn't going to work that day. My oldest son called, I knew it wouldn't be good. He was driving to work and had heard the news on the radio. He couldn't believe what he was hearing! First thing he said was "Mom!! This has to be some kind of joke! Turn on the TV and tell me if it's real!" "What are you talking about" I questioned him as I made my way to the living room TV. But there on the news, the reality of it all for all to see. He didn't go to work but came to my house to stay with us for the day.
His older cousin, my sisters son, also detoured from work and spent the day with us. We were glued to the TV all day. We didn't know what to do, should we go about our normal lives? But how could we know if it would happen again, maybe in our city. We have a nuclear power plant on the outskirts of town. Was it a target too? I wasn't sure if I should send my youngest son who was still in high school, to school or not. I finally took him an hour late. I shouldn't have; he was upset all day and so were his teachers. That afternoon I had a class at the local community college. I decide to go, I wouldn't be long. All anyone talked about was the tragedy, we all should have stayed home. 
Later, there were more American flags out than I have ever seen! People were saying God Bless America, and emailing God Bless America....everywhere! Democrats and Republicans, all seemed to work together to stand up for our Country; to mourn our lost ones.
No, I will never forget, God Bless America again! Do you remember too?

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  1. I do remember. There are a few instances in life that I will never forget. I was up and watching the news as the 2nd plane hit. I was home sick on the sofa when JFK was shot. There are other moments. We have to share them with our grandchildren since they weren't there and they do need to understand.

  2. I REMEMBER!! I was at work...the news came on about it..I had several International clients mail about it...then we were outside and saw planes go over! Shanksville PA was not far from us! ONE OF THE GUYS WORKING IN OUR OFFICE LIVED IN THAT AREA! I'll never forget it...we did not know if we were all under attack or what..


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