Thursday, October 4, 2012

Barrel Cacti

Barrel Cacti Color Palette

I have had a lot of content theft lately. If you are reading this post anywhere else but at Family Home and Life then it was used without permission! Copyright© Family Home and Life 2012 All Rights Reserved


  1. New to blogging and linking but it is so fun! Your newest follower. Thanks for the Linky party! Your photo is gorgeous!

  2. Your picture reminds me of my trip to AZ and my first sighting of a cactus plant growing "in the wild!" I demanded the car be stopped so I could pose and have my picture taken next to one in front of a Cracker Barrel in Phoenix. My excitement made a good show for the natives! Really, Connie, your state should do something about the "weirdos" it lets in! (They're getting in through the airport from flights out of Michigan!)

  3. Hi Connie! Love the colors of the cactus!! I'm so sorry you are getting content stolen. How did you find out?


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