Saturday, December 8, 2012

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

I hope you will allow me to brag on my family a bit. Last night was a special night around here! My daughter is very involved in performing with church and non profit organizations in productions as an actress and dancer, for holidays or fund raising//awareness groups. This year her oldest daughter who just turned six, has also joined her to perform in a Celebration of Christmas production that has been wowing crowds for many many years. Now this isn't just any ole Christmas play, it is a Broadway style musical with full orchestra and choir, cast of hundreds, living nativity, live animals, and flying angelsThe auditorium seats about 4500 people, they have 15 performances, and most all of them will be full with people turned away. You should be sure and see it if you are in the Phoenix area this time of the year.

I linked up to a site that has a quick video...notice the angels that are suspended from the ceiling. I asked the director just how far it is to the top and was told 90 feet! The angels fly at about 45 feet. My grand daughter was up there too! It was thrilling and scary at the same time! 

They are getting suited up and ready to fly!

Here is a link that has my daughter ( the blonde with her hair up in a bun) hooking up Elle who is explaining the 'flying process' to the camera. My grand daughter is in the lavender shirt, her hair in braids. In the production my grand daughter is a flying angel and my daughter is a Rocket performer as well as dances and acts in other scenes, and is an angel too. She literally runs from one costume change to the next!

Most of the family was there for opening night to applaud and encourage them as they begin what will be a tiring 2 weeks of nightly performances as they carry on their regular life during the day. There was great excitement and squeals of delight from the cousins all along our row of seats as my grand daughter opened the show flying over the stage scattering glitter dust. What a thrill it was to see her so tiny and brave, so far up over the stage smiling joyfully! I was so entranced I sat there holding my camera and forgetting to take pictures! Though a picture would have been a nice keep sake, I don't think our family will ever forget that lovely memory of us all being together and celebrating the Christmas season while cheering on one of our own. I was truly magical!  Well thanks for letting me brag here, I'm kinda proud of my girls :) 

I hope your family time is magically this Holiday season, and that you make some memories too.

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  1. HA I would have been scared watching my little one up that high but as the video said...the children have no fear. What an awesome production that must be ( to see the entire show ) !! Connie this was wonderful! :)

  2. What a wonderful Christmas project for your daughter and granddaughter. The production looks professional and you have a beautiful family. I can see why you would be proud. Bless you.

  3. So great to see your daughter and granddaughter doing that! A great moment for you!

    I'm curious about how you know where your material went in the material theft. I see a lot of people writing their name across photos. I'm wondering if I should do this as I'm getting a lot of hits from other countries where I don't know anyone.

  4. You are rightfully proud of your talented family.

  5. I love your blog and tribute to family. I am a mom of 7 wonderful grown children and 10 grandchildren. Now that they are grown and moved away :( we don't have the pleasure of their company every Christmas. I do miss them! I would like to subscribe to your blog via email, do you have an email subscription? Please visit me at my blog (new at blogging)

  6. Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful, and very angelic looking! This is a wonderful accomplishment and something that is grandma's job to brag about! You have a lovely family and I enjoy reading about their activities as much as seeing your crafts and recipes and cute, funny stories about life as a grandma!

  7. How wonderful for your family! We live very close to the Crystal Cathedral and they have always done "The Glory of Christmas" which is supposed to be spectacular and much like what you have described. Unfortunately I never got to see it and since the Cathedral went bankrupt they no longer do it. I sure wish I hadn't missed it!

    Thanks again for hosting us!

  8. Connie, thanks for hosting the party and also for sharing the photos and info about your "flying angels". It's a joy to see that kind of production. It surely sounds amazing!

    Merry Christmas,

  9. Awwww, thanks for writing this. Jenn


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