Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

Good grief! I sat down for a minute to see what's happening on the blog and remembered  'it's Friday night' !!! Yikes, where's my post for Saturday? This week was.....well what was this week? Because of some changes in my adult kids work schedules with the beginning of this new year I have really been put to use.  I had grand kids 12 hours a day for 4 days straight, and 8 hours today (Friday).  With the long days I also was responsible for getting the oldest to school a couple of days, with several other kids in tow I might add; and picking her up from school with before mentioned kids in tow. 

We purchased a used Ford Expedition in December so that I could have 6 kids with me to do the school runs. We are now calling it the "Bus" because it feels like that! I have 4 car seats and 2 booster seats in there with a couple extras for change outs to fit what ever size kids I have with me. It also came with a DVD player that the kids love and want me to drive around the block extra times so they can watch it. "Ummm, no"! (to quote Itty Bitty- she's 20 months :) Not with the gas mileage it gets, but I love it!  

It was an eventful week. I was actually brave enough to park, unpack 4 kids and attempt to cross the drive at the school one chilly morning with the 20 month old and the 23 month old in a twins stroller so all could see the first graders class room and play area. Wasn't I a good and brave Gramma? Actually, I'm pretty sure I deserve some sort of an award for that morning but not sure what kind it would be. You see, halfway across the driveway where all the parents who smartly drop off the kids for school (instead of parking and getting out of the car) need to drive, my stroller unlocked and partially collapsed on the kids. They were fine but I couldn't continue without it further collapsing and I couldn't get the babies out because it made the buckles impossible to reach. So there I was struggling with 4 kids blocking the driveway and unable to help myself!

Fortunately a couple of mommys rescued us and carried all to safety, helped me get the babies out then opened and double checked the stroller lock, helped me buckle the babies back in there! Of course by then the school bell had rung and It was time to head back to the Bus to go home. All I've done this week is take care of kids and I am TIRED! I will work my job all day tomorrow and we'll see what happens Sunday. I might claim the recliner and TV remote all day! I haven't had much time for anything on the computer. Typically I do my blogging while I have the kids, but I am just not that with it with the long hours so it's best I don't even try.

And I will add for some of you, I am doing just fine through it all ;)  How was your week? What is a typical day like for you? So glad you stopped by!

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  1. I just got tired and want to back to bed READING about your days this week. Sheesh! :)

  2. LOL just chuckling over what Debra wrote above me!
    I had a fairly calm week, only needed 2 days, yet still I was tired!
    Reading your story, I kept smiling away because I think these adventures are what keep you so young and cheerful! Even on my busiest days I remind myself that someday these kids will all be in school and won't need us like they do now. That's when memories like this will keep us warm in between visits!
    You're a wonderful grandma, Connie!

  3. You are definitely earning your grandma stripes! I didn't sense any complaining here so enjoy the precious time you have the grand kids.

  4. Thanks for hosting! Hope your weekend is great!!

    Jenna @

  5. As Olga said -- you earned your stripes girl! They are all so very lucky (as our we) to have you in their lives. Your not only a wonderful Grandma but a wonderful Mom, too -- helping them out as you do and never a complaint. J's right, I'm glad we are writing all this down. Even now it is fun to go back and read. Have a great weekend and I hope you get an extra nap!

  6. Hmmmm, I am definitely having tech issues - computer keeps jumping around a bit - so last comment disappeared half way thru - will check back later to see if it eventually posted (if you find it - just delete it and I'll redo it :) ). Have a blessed day as I run out the door to babysit grandkids too. And enjoy your well earned rest Sunday!!! :) :) :)

    P.S. There is a major internet warning about Java - have it on my site at SandwichINK or type Homeland Security AND Java to get the important details!

  7. What a crazy stroller situation. Glad you all made it through okay. Rest up and have a lovely quiet day to yourself tomorrow, with no kids allowed!

    Thank you for hosting!

  8. Thanks for hosting.

    Hope you have an amazing weekend!!


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