Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

Good morning! Well the world seems all shiny  and bright today....I'm not sick!! And no one is lost :) I am busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs and toddlers though. I thought life would be a lot slower during these years than it is. How about you, are you super busy or have you slowed down a bit?

It was a busy week with the grand kids too. My second oldest has wanted a hot air balloon ride since she was tiny and got her wish for her sixth birthday. She wasn't a bit afraid, but then after you have flown as an angel dangling from wires I guess a balloon ride isn't that different! That's Lake Pleasant there in the distance. Kc you would have loved it! 
It was Daddy daughter dance this last week. I am one proud mama/grandma of those two!Such a fun and affirming night for girls. Doesn't my grand daughter look like her daddy?   

We have celebrated the last birthday (of what I call birthday season) for about 3 weeks before another birthday rolls around. That's about as long as we go without a birthday party around here. I actually stuffed money in a birthday card last week, a very rare thing for me to do because I always make something. But I am running out of time left and right. I need to clone myself or become twins....or have the energy Joyce has ;) 

This month I am celebrating my blog anniversary and I would like to have some guest posters from the grandma bloggers; anyone interested? It is last minute I know but if you would like to write a post, please send me an email.Thanks for stopping by today! Love you guys!

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  1. You HAVE been busy but oh my I love that Father-Daughter picture! And how brave she was to go on the balloon ride!

  2. Your granddaughter does look like her Daddy! You have been busy. We don't have a birthday every three weeks--yet, but between Mother's Day and Father's Day we have 3 anniversaries and 6 birthdays!

    Thanks again for hosting!

  3. We have been busy plus the grand kids have been very sick. Love the father daughter picture. Great memories being made :) Have a wonderful weekend :0

  4. I am so very glad you are feeling better! And you are right -- I would have loved that hot air balloon ride. I've wanted one forever, too but Grampy says NO! Every time there is an accident with one he has to restate that he NEVER wants me to ride in one... but he has finally relinquished and said I can go walk on the glass bridge at the Grand Canyon!! Someday I will get back there. Love the Father/Daughter picture!

  5. Hooray to your feeling better! And BOY, I can so relate to the time factor. Every time I think I can't get any busier, something else comes up! But at least we're never bored, right? :) Have a blessed and beautiful week!

  6. This is the first time I have linked up to you. Although I am not a grandmother, I consider myself in the older mom/mentor mom category. Thank you for hosting this. There is a lot of wisdom here.

  7. Hi I'm here by way of Lisa's Grand Social! What a great time your family is having. I love the finger pointing out of the balloon basket--what bravery!!! Thanks for hosting this blog hop!

  8. Aaah...the daddy/daughter still my heart.I don't think it can get anymore precious than this!!! It is such a pleasure getting to meet other grandmothers finally!

  9. Love the photo's Connie. How brave of you to go balloon riding. That is something I have always wanted to do but lack the courage.

    Hope you are well.


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