Saturday, March 23, 2013

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

My grand kids have spring break next week so I will have the 2 school age kids here with all the little ones. It promises to be a BUSY week! I haven't started on my Easter gifts for them so I will do something quick this weekend. I have had a couple of request for the Lollipop seeds I gave them last year. They were quite the hit. I will post about those this coming Tuesday if I can find the time! Or just re-post last years if I don't.  Are you making crafts for Easter? Do you buy gifts and candy for the grand kids?
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It's so good to have you here! Thanks for coming by!

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  1. I have bought little gifts for them yes. AND then I gave them half of them over time, lol ! I am worse than a kid. So they will still have a few smaller things from me....

  2. The grandkids get candy baskets from their parents so we usually have an egg hunt and the eggs have change in them. But, this year they specifically asked if we'd buy them some sheets they wanted. My grandson wanted Skylanders and my granddaughter wanted 1 Direction. So, I have their new sheets and then they'll get a little cash for spending money. Probably not a 'traditional' Easter gift but I believe in buying what they want not what I want. :)

  3. Happy Saturday Connie! Hope you have fun next week -- Amara doesn't get out until next Friday and then only for 1 week. They keep changing things just to confuse me! Thanks for hosting.

  4. Oh my - I can't believe how fast time is flying! I sent my long distance grandkids an Easter CD and a webkinz each to update their accounts - now we can try again to play checkers like we did last week - it was quite fun since I had a cousin here playing a cousin several states away. (tho I don't recommend weekend evenings. They were so busy we kept crashing in the multiplayer games :( ) Overall tho, we do still love Webkinz.

  5. Hope you enjoy a wonderful time with your grandkids this week! I'm a little behind on Easter goodies for my 3 little ones too. Gotta find a time to shop and create without them looking!

  6. I'm with you Connie! Too bad we're not closer....we could do things together.I'll have three to play with! Hoping for take them ice skating one day, maybe a jumping place another. Cooperative weather will find us at the parks, cul de sac and playgrounds. Not easy transporting 3 bikes etc! I think my daughter is planning to switch the littles to booster seats soon...bye bye car seats!
    Attitude gives us altitude, right....or something like that! LOL Trying to soar into positive/fun time mode!
    Happy Easter and Happy Spring Break with your darlings!


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