Saturday, March 30, 2013

Grandparent's Say It Saturday

As I write this (Friday Evening) I can hear my husband in the other room banging around and the ugly sound of the occasional power tool. We have a HUGE project happening this weekend; we are getting new carpet installed!!! Yay! No more blue carpet! The thing of it is though, we are do-it-your -selfer's; out of necessity mostly, so there is a lot of prep and moving furniture around that has to be done by us before a professional carpet installer arrives bright and early in the morning. I. am. tired! It was a hectic week with spring break and I worked all day today. I want nothing more than to kick back and turn on the TV. 

Oh and then there is the "It's Easter weekend thing too". Crazy to install carpet over Easter weekend right?! We are crazy, but it was a deal we couldn't pass up. The carpet is delivered and waiting outside so it has to be done asap. Thank goodness it doesn't rain here often! 

I am so glad to be rid of the blue carpet and I am wondering how I will react to the neutral color of the new carpet. I am very color sensitive and color really affects my mood. Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that I always have to have just the right shade of paint on the walls in each house I have lived in or I am restless and unhappy. I went through 13 different shades in this house before I was satisfied with it, but there was not a new carpet budget when we moved in. I learned to live with it! Hope I still like the wall color without the blue carpet :/ 

Yes I am writing a little more than I usually do and haven't even said Happy Easter to you all yet. I am hiding out you see, sitting and resting awhile :) But I love you guys and I do hope you all have a very Happy and Blessed Easter day. I will go to church then return home and start sorting and putting away all the excessive junk household items. We are having a family celebration Saturday - when I will be escaping once again and leaving my poor husband to help the carpet installer all by himself. Poor guy! Actually, they may be better without me in case I get picky about something.
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  1. Happy Easter! Sounds like your weekend will be as crazed ( or we could say full ) as the week! :) I think you'll probably like the neutral color and you can always brighten it up if need be with a few throw rugs etc if you want more color here or there

  2. Happy Easter, Connie!
    I counted 7 cute kiddoes at your table and want you to know that I had just THREE here yesterday and I'm STILL in a coma!
    I think you'll like your new carpeting! I actually enjoyed pulling out old stuff - by myself! - and even prying out the staples. It saved money too, as you mentioned. Let us know how it all comes out!

  3. Congrats on the new carpet. I love anything new. I had blue carpet on my floors for a long time then went to mostly hardwood. Wish I had put it all over. Happy Easter busy lady.

  4. It sure looks like you had a busy week! I can't wait to hear about the new carpet but may I just add that you can't try 13 different shades of carpet like you did the paint! Have a wonderful Easter!

  5. Hi again, Connie! You've affirmed reposting is acceptable! LOL That's what mine is! I love these sweet pictures and how you've presented them! The magnificant Seven.....wooohooo! As you know, they grow up too we have to enjoy NOW, right???
    Congrats on new carpet! We are delighted with our tweedy nuetral; I can make changes with color pops like pillows, throws, frames etc. Enjoy!
    Nice that you're taking some Me time!
    Thank you for your awesome blog! You're my inspiration always! :)

  6. Wow you have been busy! Good luck with the new carpeting, I'm sure you'll love it once it's completely installed. (And I LOVE to be gone when remodeling of any kind happens here! LOL) And last but not least, thanks for hosting and Happy Easter to you and yours!

  7. Oh what fun! I'd do it too! Won't you love it when it's all done! Have a blessed and beautiful Easter! :)


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