Saturday, April 13, 2013

Say It Saturday

Hello hello! I am so glad to be done with these last couple of weeks! Not that's it's all back to normal...probably won't be for some time to come but the worse is behind us. So glad! If you are wondering what I am talking about, please read last couple of Saturday post; we just finished having carpet installed at our place and had some 'fun' doing it :) But I love my new carpet!
            Before, see my pathetic plant?                After, already initiated by the kids, see the spot?

Here are a couple of pics I promised, not too much to show you just yet. Isn't it nice? I plan on updating more around the house but we just had our taxes done and looks like Uncle Sam is requiring more money from us than we expected. That means home decorating and fixing up will have to wait a little longer. The thing is, we are so busy that I don't think it will matter that much. We probably will need months just to complete a couple of small projects!

And here is a pic of what keeps me the busiest! And keeps me young as Joyce says (yes it's true ;) Stinking cute aren't they!? Love these two; 3 months apart!  Itty Bitty will be 2 in a couple of weeks - where has the time gone? 

So, are you thinking I goofed because I didn't title this Grandparent's Say It Saturday? Well I didn't goof, I am now calling today Say It Saturday because I feel like a lot of people pass right over this post because of the Grandparent part. This is still a link up for 'older bloggers' but I want to give us all every opportunity to get noticed by everyone. Ok? 

What have you all been up to this last week? Spring cleaning? Digging in the garden?  Installing new carpet? I wanted to hear about your week!

I am so glad you stopped by! (I will make new buttons :)

Button pic 9

Welcome to Say It Saturday. This is a link up for older bloggers; no you do not need to be a grandparent to link up. But please! Older bloggers only - as in old enough to have grand kids or an empty nest.  Link up to three post, not to your home page, and link that back to Family Home and Life. While you are here I hope you will visit the other linkers and come back to see who links up later on. We all love comments! No Etsy shops or giveaways please. This link closes on Monday night. 
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  1. You also need to cut out this older blogger stuff. Heck I am getting younger every day and like my grandfather I stopped having birthdays at 39!!! :)

    VERY pretty carpet and those kids are too cute, yes. Adorable in every way! :)

  2. Your carpeting looks wonderful! Very fresh and pretty.Of course that line up of cute grandkiddies has everything beat!
    I just had 3 kids here yesterday and it was crazy. I think they reacted to it being the 5th rainy day in a row. For myself, I'll probably change that saying to, "they keep me OLD!" lol - still love 'em, but when they leave I'm flat on the couch and hubby knows enough to STAND BACK!

  3. The new carpet is beautiful--and your houseplant looks an awfully lot like mine! LOL Happy Saturday and thanks for hosting.

  4. What a great idea for a linkup! I'm not an empty nester yet, unless you count the fact that our oldest is away at college this year. We still have three at home. Love your new carpeting. It makes you feel like it's a whole new room, doesn't it? And the grandchildren are absolutely beautiful. I'll bet you don't spoil them a bit. ;)


  5. What little cuties you have! I have been able to get the grandkids and my mom outside in the yaed this past week. The weather was so nice. I give the kids shovels and let them start digging away. Get my garden turned that way ;) Thanks for hosting your link up for mature adults ;)

  6. So exciting! The carpet, not Uncle Sam. Ugh. I had grands over this week a couple different days, too. Warms my heart!

  7. It does indeed look grand! And what cutie pies! Enjoy! :) As for this week - my grandkids and I have enjoyed flying kites, riding scooters, roller skating and a play date with a friend. AND I finally figured out how to do a mod for my grandkids' Minecraft single player game. Talk about ecstatic grandkids. And a tired but happy grandma. Have a lovely and warm spring!!! :)

  8. Yes new carpet is glorious...we are following the same path. We too just finally got new carpet and it is the BEST feeling.

  9. I love your blog. I just knew the world had bloggers who weren't stay at home moms. I don't have that much energy any more! I have 2 daughters helping me with this and I still get tired and have to go to bed before I read all the blogs, Pin everything and read all the emails!

    We're having a party - What'd You Do This Weekend? Your carpet would be a perfect addition. Hope you can join us and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest..

    Have a wonderful week,

  10. Thanks for linking up with What'd You Do This Weekend. Hope to see you next week.



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