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Spring Cleaning Tips

When I started looking for links for this feature post, cleaning tips were a little scarce. Yeah I know, cleaning is kinda boring. But the end result is really satisfying and blesses everyone who steps into your home. Regardless how you feel about cleaning your home, we all have to do it! 

One thing that I want to mention that I didn't find a link for - is that we all need to clean out our dryer vents. Please make sure this is on your to do list right away! Clogged dryer vents cause a lot of house fires as well as increase energy bills and can damage your dryer. I have only had a dryer in the last 15 years, and our house then and now vented directly to the out side so it is snap to check it for build up. 

We did have a problem however inside the dryer. I noticed that it seemed to be getting super hot no matter what setting I had it on, then it caught fire inside the housing! So scary and so glad my husband was home to deal with it and no damage was done except to the dryer's internal wires. Lint had escaped inside the housing and somehow ignited. 

Here are a couple of links for you I looked up but so look up your own,  here , here and here, so you will know how to clean out yours. If your dryer vents to the roof, you may want to hire a professional. Please do it for your family's safety!

Inspiration For Moms needed to clean the coils on her refrigerator. Did you know you need to do this to help your fridge work properly? Yes, ma'am, stop over there to read her story.

How To Steam Clean Carpeting from

Always vac before steaming cleaning your carpets! Housewife How To's tell us how she preps before steaming cleaning her carpets here.

Don't forget to clean out those cupboards and cabinets too. Buttons And Paint really cleaned hers up nicely using some very creative ideas.

There Was A Crooked House also cleaned out her storage areas. Much nicer now.

Then she cleaned and organized her fridge! Love a clean fridge, it's so nice :)

Don't forget about cleaning the oven! A typical English Home shows us how to use Vinegar & Baking Soda for a safe clean.

A Typical English Home made a very handy Laundry Stain Removal Guide and it's printable! This would be wonderful framed in your laundry area or attached inside a cabinet door. If you have a home making binder it would be great in there too.


Michelle Muckala has a very effective way to get her kids to help with he cleaning. It's fun too!

Have you changed out your A/C filters lately? What about water purifier filters? Oiled and cleaned your sewing machine? Cleaned out your toaster? Think about all the maintenance you need to do on all your appliances to keep them working for a long time to come. That will save you money!

And finally, Moms The Word  writes about how even a small amount of cleaning can make a big impact on your home. We often over estimate the time it take to do something, and yet even five minutes of cleaning can make bit changes.

UPDATE** Please be sure to read Lori's comment below. You'll save some money in the long run ;)

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  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes! I need to do all the above;)) Thanks for the suggestions on how to accomplish this easier:))


    Just dropping in to thank you for joining Lets Get Social Sunday and make sure I am following in as many ways as possible:))

  2. This is great! Thanks for posting all these links--and at just the right time.

  3. Thanks for featuring our Cupboard Clean-up post xxx

  4. Great link's. ..I have started cleaning out here and there. Have to get under my kitchen cabinets again and rearrange once again. Every six months or so I have my husband pull the back of the dryer off and clean out the inside cause Im so afraid of a dryer fire. Have to get to my fridge coils soon. Thank you for these great links.

  5. Great post, although I'm feeling overwhelmed! Thanks for all the great tips though.

  6. Thanks for featuring my Spring cleaning tips on keeping your refrigerator coils clean. Have a wonderful Saturday! :)

  7. I love spring cleaning .. I'm all about a clean household. It surprises me how many people actually forget to clean their dryer vents.

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  8. I am also blogging about cleaning! Seems spring gets here and we just can't help it.

  9. I need to do some spring cleaning ASAP. My house is a disaster right now. It is all Incan do to keep up with my 1 year old.

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection!
    Make sure to check back on Friday to see if you were featured.

  10. These are some great tips! I am off to check out the dryer vent cleaning articles! Thanks so much for sharing at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


  11. I actually washed blinds last Wednesday, but only got about half of them washed. My hint is to check inside the bottom board on your blinds. Mine are hollow, and those little spiders that make such a mess on my window sills were living in there!

  12. My uncle, the proverbial Sears repairman, told me the one thing I could do to help my refrigerator live longer is to clean the coils out at least twice a year. I've done so, and it's now going on its 22 year with NO major repairs. Ever. Thank you, Uncle Larry!

  13. Wow, thank you for featuring my blog post! So sweet! I always clean out my dryer vents but now I'm thinking I'd better be more diligent! Yikes!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  14. Thank you for the feature, that was so sweet of you! :) And for the dryer warning, I'm adding that to my spring cleaning to do list. It's really scary to think of how big of a fire hazard a dryer really is.

  15. I don't like to clean, but this is a great collection!

  16. Great post. Thanks for all the great links. Cleaning a necessary evil ;)
    Thanks for joining me at The Gathering Spot this evening. Have a wonderful week Connie.

  17. Not a fan of spring cleaning, but this list makes it seem not so bad. Great list!

  18. Thanks for the tips. I need to get my bootie in gear and finish all the spring cleaning. I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  19. I think you should come over and show me exactly how to implement these tips. Sorry just trying to find a way to get out of my spring cleaning! Thank you for sharing on Fluster's Creative Muster Party!

    Fluster Buster

  20. A clean and organized house is a wonderful thing, I think it gives off energy!

  21. You made me so tired thinking about all of this I think I should go back to bed for an hour! :)

  22. What great ideas! We are having a big family get-together at our house for mothers day and I've got to get on the cleaning for that soon!

    Happy Wednesday

  23. Thanks for all the great tips. I'm always looking for was to clean those things that we don't get to that often, especially, the dryer vent.

  24. It takes me weeks to clean everything so i will be pinning this to keep referring to the great tips. Thank you for assembling all of these.

    On a somber note, years ago two former students (sisters) were killed in a house fire started by dryer lint. I clean my dryer hose and vacuum around the dryer religiously. I never run the dryer when we are away or sleeping.

  25. Great post! Sometimes I truly hate cleaning but alas it has to be done. We have our dryer vents done professionally and it is amazing how much lint come out. Thanks for the reminder to get on top of everything. I've got my kitchen pantry and my boy's room done. Now I just need to do the rest of the house! Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  26. Truly great motivation to kick my butt into gear...pinning for reference.
    The dryer vents/hose and the refrigerator coils are the first things I clean when moving into a new place.
    Stopping by from Krista's link-up!!

  27. Love all these tips! Thanks for sharing & linking up @ Hope to see you again soon! Theresa

  28. You wanna come over to my house for a spring cleaning party??? I NEED you!!

    Please...!! :)

    hugs xx
    Crystelle Boutique

  29. Fabulous roundup of tips!! I secretly love spring cleaning so tips are always welcome! I hopped over from A Life in Balance and would love to have you link up with us for Thrifty Thursday at Living Well Spending Less!

  30. Great tips! Gives me some motivation for starting my spring cleaning. Thank You so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent this week! Happy Friday!

  31. I'd like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend at And who knows, you may just get featured next week.


  32. I'm all over the 5 min. thing. I've started setting my alarm for every hour to encourage getting up and moving. When you write full time it's easy to just sit. So I pick out a 5 min job. I've been amazed what all I can accomplish.

  33. Thanks for sharing this round up of cleaning tips at A New Creation. Such great reminders of those easy to forget cleaning areas. Of course sometimes I feel like it's been a successful day if I can just get the toys and dishes and clothes put away!

  34. Great cleaning tips. Thanks so much for sharing!

  35. Love a clean house! Thank you for sharing at Rock N Share Wednesday! Hope to see you again soon! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch

  36. Great tips and ideas. I have been holding off on doing my spring cleaning until the construction in our basement is finished. I am going to have to go through the entire house a room at a time. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  37. Great roundup! Yes, I always vacuum before steam cleaning the carpets, and now I have a new Dyson so vacuuming is FUN!

    Thanks for sharing your tips at Fabulously Frugal Thursday!

  38. That was such an inspiring post! I prefer to go for green cleaning products. A lot chemical-based cleaners release hazardous gases. Some cleaners when diversified together can also emit toxic fumes that may seriously hurt you. Vinegar is a superb substitute to work with within your bathroom or kitchen and as an over-all household cleaning solution.

  39. These tips are perfect because I plan to clean our house this coming weekend and also the kids are really cute. Thanks!

    Industrial Cleaning


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