Saturday, June 8, 2013

Say It Saturday

Hello everyone from sunny and HOT AZ!!! Yes it has been rather warm here and that keeps me inside and reluctant to go anywhere. I have been feeling a little out? In a rut? Restless? Not sure what I need I just know I need something! Usually when I feel like this I take a class in something and it snaps me out of it. 

I think this time I just really need to get my creative juices flowing and create something. I've been kind of leaning towards sculpting and this week tried to work on a paper mache piece with my oldest grand daughter. I have to say, I have not created with paper mache other than covering a balloon to make a pinata years ago. It was a bit challenging to get the paper mache piece started right, it is going to be a cat, it looks a little wonky right now. I looked online with my grand daughter at all the different things one can make with paper mache and was rather surprised and impressed! There are a lot of really creative people around the world.

I took a ceramics class about 13 years ago and didn't get much out of it as I discovered I couldn't throw on the wheel very good due to a nerve injury in my shoulder that affects my left thumb. I did however love the hand building part of the class. A few years ago I decided to take a college sculpture class. As I sat naively waiting for class to begin, a class mate asked around if anyone knew when the naked models would be there for us to sculpt. I don't know what I thought we would be sculpting! I was in horrified shock wondering if I could figure out how to get out of there un noticed when a male model stepped up on the platform in a bathrobe. I just wanted to die!

Such a relief when the professor walked in and told the model he could go dress, we would only be sculpting his feet. I started to breath again! We sculpted his feet, later our own hands, a bust from photos, and then a live model who thankfully was a woman about my age. It was still really hard looking that closely at a disrobed person but she had no problem what so ever with it nor did my class mates seem too. I relaxed some what and discovered I really liked sculpting. I just haven't done anything since then; until this paper mache project with the grand daughter. We'll see how that goes. 

But here is a pic for you of 2 of my projects from back when, my hands, and the live model. She is about 5 inches tall here made with a fired paper clay and I love her! What do you think? 

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  1. You did those very well...I am thinking this is a talent that you can develop for sure if interested!

    I cannot do it at all. I have no talent for it whatsoever. My oldest son does, though...his talent showed with Playdough, salt dough, sand sculptures and art class. If he ever has the opporunity to fool around with an artistic hobby in the future, something like this would be a good medium for him to explore.

  2. Oh, I can so relate to the live naked model...I took a university drawing class, the first few weeks we drew still objects, then the third week a very naked female model was the subject. Even as a nurse it was hard for me to see her without feeling embarrassed! LOL...what an experience...Thanks for hosting!

  3. I can understand your discomfort...but you definitely have talent...very well-done sculptures.

  4. Connie, your sculpture work is beautiful! I'm amazed that the woman sculpture is only 5" tall - that's a lot of fine detail work. You did very well!

  5. You definitely have a talent for sculpture. They are both amazing.

    Popping in from Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

  6. I love that sculpture. That is one craft I have never tried. Yes the detail work is great.

  7. Thanks soooooo much for the party!!!!

    Hope you are having a lovely day

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila
    Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi {Link Party}
    Thursday Titi's Spot for the Pin HOP

  8. AHmazing artistry. I wish I had a 1/10 your skills. I bet your granddaughter loved learning with you. Thanks for letting me share this week. Best wishes for tasty dishes and fun crafts this week!

  9. Oh creativity did not give me an artistic bend--although my mother is an artist. What special pieces to treasure. I'll be waiting to see what you come up with in paper mache. I do start a new project when I'm feeling unsettled.

  10. Thanks for hosting!

    I would love for you to share and link up at my weekly TGIF Link Party if you haven't already this week. Your favorite posts, most popular, recent or new! The party is open every Thursday night and closes Wednesday's at midnight. Hope you will join us! Have a wonderful week!

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