Saturday, July 27, 2013

Say It Saturday & Meeting My Sister

Hello friends! This last week I had several of the kids at my house and during lunch one of the cousins started asking my oldest grand daughter about Itty Bitty (who is adopted) and why we have her instead of her birth mom. My grand daughter told the story so well and I thought it was so sweet, that I later asked her to tell the story again while I recorded it. On the video, she didn't really explain why we have her like she did during lunch, but rather the first meeting of her new baby sister. The story she is telling actually takes place over two or three days.

Itty Bitty, who is now 2 yrs old, decided she wanted to have some fun and be the little clown that she is while big sister tells the story. Itty Bitty is causing such a commotion I am amazed her big sister could carry on with her story. Personally, I think she has a good chance to make it in Hollywood! 

We have laughed at this video because it is so exactly the personally of both girls and the story that's now recorded is so precious to us. We all decided we would like to share this video with everyone. By the way, you will hear Itty Bitty crying a little towards the end. I assure you she was just fine. It is her grabbing my arm and causing the camera to shake that closes the video. Enjoy!

I'm so glad you stopped by today!
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  1. Awwww. . . how precious is this video! And how fun to find a blog especially for Grands.

  2. Connie, this has got to be the most precious thing I've ever seen on video! Simply heartwarming! How cute can you get with all the fidgeting and the repeating until it's just right, and the gymnastics from Itty Bitty in the background? And the "really true part" about putting her hand on daddy's shoulder and telling him he HAS to love the baby as much as he loves her...priceless! You were so smart to capture it all - a family treasure forever! Congratulations!

  3. Such a sweet way to start my Saturday. You were smart to get this on video and I'm sure the girls will want to watch it many times over the years. Well done, Grandma!

  4. So precious, Connie! I love how she talks with her hands and the facial expressions telling us how very important these details are! You are's not easy staying focused with someone playing around! Itty Bitty is playing to the camera for sure! What a wonderful thing to share with us.....and for you all to treasure in the years to come! Loved it!

  5. What a beautiful story! And she does such a fine job telling it, even including a question and answer session at the end. Lovely. Thank you.

  6. What a sweet thing to have captured. Your family will remember it forever. I need to do something like that.

  7. What a sweet video! Don't you love technology!

  8. This video was precious. How wonderful to have for all time. Very creative. We are just entering the world of great grands. I am so excited.

  9. Oh my Gosh! She is so cute and she tells the story like a young lady. She is amazingly understanding and cute, I had to watch it like 3 times I couldn't believe it! How precious!!!

    Thanks so much for the party!!! Hope you are having a great weekend

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila
    Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi {Link Party}
    Thursday Titi's Spot for the Silly HOP

  10. Connie, this is so precious...I was reminded of the old hymn,
    Little children, little children,
    Who love their Redeemer,
    Are the jewels, precious jewels,
    His loved and His own.


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