Saturday, August 10, 2013

Say It Saturday

Hello all. AZ weather is cooking once again; 109 today. One of my kids started a move last weekend and it took all week with everyone helping after work sorting and packing then cleaning up. Actually it is still going on! Moving is hard work and they have down sized to a place about 1/3 the size with no garage. It's tough to sort out all your accumulated things and decide what to keep. 

We brought a lot of the cast offs here and plan to Craigslist them for the kids. Should have done that this weekend but it was just to hot to get out there, photo it all and then post. I sell on Craigslist occasionally for myself and friends and I have noticed a big drop in what consumers are willing to pay. There is just so much used 'stuff' out there with the economy like it has been. It's a trickle down effect of what has taken place over the last few years. But seeing prices (at least here) so low and still no buyers, I wouldn't even think about buying new when I can get something used for almost nothing.

I would NEVER go look at anything advertised on CL alone or at night. And when I have something for sell, I let my husband handle the calls and only give out our address or sell an item when he is home. Have you ever bought or sold things on Craigslist? What were your experiences?

Thanks so much for coming by today!

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  1. I have sold on CL, but not for a long, long time, and doubt I will again. Since my husband passed away, I don't feel safe doing it. Besides, as you've said, there has been a huge drop in what people are willing to pay these days.

  2. My only experience with CL was a good one. When a daughter was on her honeymoon, one of her dogs ran away from her new in-law's house. Another daughter posted this and immediately a woman responded that a matching dog had been sleeping in her yard! Sure enough, it was "Moxie," and she was found shortly later, after being gone 3 days. This was in an area 20 miles away and out in farmland. We'd never have found her without CL!
    I hope things cool off for you. I never get anything done when it's too hot and humid!

  3. Morning! 109 is just absurd!!! UGH!

  4. We just sold a dryer on Craigslist and did pretty much everything you did. It was easy and quick.

  5. Quite frankly, I hate to move. But I can't imagine moving with temps over 100. I hope the process will soon be over. I haven't purchased anything on Craig's list, but I do look when I need something.

    Have a blessed Sabbath.

  6. Haven't had a lot of success selling on Craigslist, but we live in a smallish city. My kids near Chicago find lots on Freeware or something like that--free for the taking.

    I was in South America (Chile and Argentina) for the last three weeks. Last week's post is going to have to do for this week, too as I am getting my (sick) husband ready for another trip on Sunday--almost 3 weeks in Africa. I don't know who I posted it with during the week, as I only had intermittent Internet being in Conferences most of the time (or traveling from west to east coast of SA overland!

  7. Good Morning, Connie! Yes, I have bought and sold on Craigslist. Sometimes it is a virtual goldmine! But, I agree that it has become a place to almost give things away when you are on the selling end.

  8. Beautiful flowers on your button. We wanted to move also, too much yard where we are. Can't decide on where to go so will probably stay put but am getting rid of a lot of things. 53 years is a lot of accumulating things. Odds and ends. I usually take things to Goodwill or St. Vincent thrift shop. Too much trouble to mess with the little money. I agree folks don't want to pay much. Have a good week Connie.

  9. Hi, Connie!
    I am just finding your blog and thankful to link-up here! Thank you for hosting today! We, too, use CL...have found some great things over the years!

  10. We've been packing and purging to move in a few months. I've never used Craig's List, want to, but scared to. for what it's worth


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