Saturday, September 7, 2013

Say It Saturday

Happy Saturday to you! Welcome back to FH&L Say It Saturday link up :) Today I want to give you little report on my last Kids Club meeting. It was expected to be a hot day so we started early. Again we returned to to the campus of Phoenix First Assembly (click here to see the first outing at PFA) for our adventure since the girls had such fun there. This is a huge campus, over 70 acres. I have a lot of pics here!

On the north side of the campus the girls and my daughter (who came a long to lead the expedition) unloaded from my grandma bus and began a hike up on the surrounding mountains around the east side that joins a preserve. Its an easy hike for the girls and one I knew would be safe for them. In their backpacks they have art supplies, water and a snack. I talked to them a bit about watching out for rattle snakes, though I truly did not expect there to be any as this mountain area is well hiked and surrounded by a big city. Grandmas drove around to the meet up point ;) as I am not up to a hike in any heat at all! 

Here they are coming up to our meet up spot, the Prayer Pavilion, that is at the highest point on the PFA Campus. 

The trail as you can see is desert but not too rugged for the girls at all, I think it was about a 1/4 mile hike for them. They wanted to keep going but the heat was already intense so we stop for the day. The were instructed to collect a few rocks they liked during their hike, small enough to hold in their hands.

My daughter took this phone pic of a blooming fish hook cactus hidden under a bush, a fun find for the girls. 

Here is the east/back side of the Pavilion . The trail ended to the right of this pic.

We are walking around the south side here. That cross sits in a rock filled basin and gas fire pit. The flames come up through the rocks. (see below) Very beautiful at night! 

There are benches under these Palo Verde trees. See all those glass windows? This Prayer Pavilion is made to light up at night though I don't know how it is done. Those white panels above the windows are frosted glass. They have lights inside the panels that light at dark and the entire chapel glows with light! The lights are colored and they change colors every hour or something. At night is is absolutely amazing and can be seen a long way as it sits up high. I wanted to take pics of that for you too but I am sorry, I wasn't willing to climb up there at night to take them! (check link above, there are some good scrolling pics)

The girls wanted to go into the Pavilion to pray and I took them in. There were a few others in there praying but the girls were quiet and respectful. 

 Here is a view to the west; the round looking building to the right in the distance is where we went to conclude our club gathering. 

Last time they kids where here, we learned about trees. This time they collected rocks and we talked about them. Some were bumpy, some rough, some had sparkly spots, stripes, different colors. They had actually found a few pieces of white quartz too. 
Their project was, draw pictures of the rocks in their art journals. We talked about the trees again too. 

That mountain there, is the one the girls just hiked the base of. 

Here is another glassed in building, the children's auditorium. After snacks I drove the girls home. We had a fun and memory making time! 

What have YOU been up to? I am so glad you stopped by today! 

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  1. Morning, Connie! That sounds like a wonderful outing for you all ...the girls must really look forward to their special club meetings! :)

  2. I love reading about your Girl's Club! Those little girls look so cute dressed in their pink "uniforms!" You are a very good planner, too. Every meeting has prayer, nature, art, companionship, and physical activity. I know they feel very special to be a part of it all!

  3. Connie, I enjoyed the pictures of the hike and the pavilion. I love the hidden blooming cactus that they found- that's what a hike is all about- discovering hidden surprises. :)

    Thank you for the party- hope you have a great weekend!

    Love, Joy

  4. You are making fond memories for these girls (and you). The rattlesnake line made me laugh, because in Texas this is a caution the kiddos get early and often in life.

  5. Good morning, Connie. I was a member of a club like this when I was a girl growing up. We did fun things like scavenger hunts, hikes, bike rides and such, always ending with a bible lesson and prayer! These wonderful memories develop special bonds with Christ and fellowship with others - invaluable lessons for growing children. Thank you.
    Oh yes, also I would like to thank you for the linky party! Have a great weekend!

  6. I'm glad you and the girls enjoyed your hike, but its still too hot for me!

  7. I love the idea of taking the girls out on a day hike, and bringing art journals with them to draw the rocks they picked up. What a great idea for an outing!

  8. Looks like the meeting was another huge success! I love the photos and getting to see what nature looks like in your area, those trees are so interesting. They almost look as if they have been spray painted green.

    Glad you got to spend time making such great memories. Hope you are feeling lots better!

  9. This is a most wonderful thing. I would love have had an idea like this when my grands were little. We did things together but not on such an adventurous scale.

  10. What a fantastic outing! What a blessing you are to these girls. A special day for you all.

  11. Thanks for hosting and what an awesome adventure! I love Hiking!!!

    Cami @


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