Saturday, September 21, 2013

Say It Saturday

Happy weekend to you! We are busy today with 2 grand kids birthday parties. All day yesterday I worked on a couple of fun cardboard photo props (I don't know the proper term). They are as big as a second or third grader with pictures painted on them and a hole cut out for the face. Is that what you would call a photo prop? Anyway, my daughter email a couple of pics from Pinterest and asked me if I could make them......on Thursday afternoon! Well yes I had some cardboard and of course paint, I am a well stocked gramma after all; you never know what you may need!

The birthday theme is Under the Ocean Waves so one cardboard cut out is a mermaid and the other is a shark with it's mouth open. The cut out for the shark is inside it's mouth! Very fun! I will take pics today to show you next week. It took most of the day today to make these because I also decided to add a doll quilt to my birthday gift bag that I had yet to make and I had a two yr old under foot. And, I had a big spill in the oven last night so I turned on the self cleaning option and the smoke alarms all went off! Had to open all the doors and window! It was an eventful day! 

I didn't take time to photograph the gifts I made or the cuts outs in the daylight and night pics are terrible so the pics I have here are from a gift from a few years back. My little sweetie was in dance so I made her a dance themed scrapbook bag to carry to her dance classes. The pic above has a hand painted patch I added on and there are 3 little pockets at the bottom. 

Attached inside the pocket I have 3 keepsake items relating to her dance class. The first is a letter and poem from me to her. The next is a pic of her and her daddy at a recital. On the back I stapled a ticket to it. The last one has scraps of fabric from one of her dance dresses. They tuck inside and she could take them out to have something to finger when she needed to be still while waiting. 

Here is the other side also with 3 pockets. The last one I sewed vinyl onto it and then cut out the star shape, then inserted her pic. That is her initial, G in rhinestones. I will get around to showing you my gifts I made. But it's hard to have time for everything and post about it. Most of the time, I never get around to the posting part. 

Aren't kids birthdays so much fun? I think the adults in our family have as much fun planing and preparing for parties as the kids do attending. When was the last time you helped plan or make decorations for a child's birthday party? What was the theme?

 I am so glad you stopped by today! 

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  1. Well, funny you should ask about the last time we helped host a birthday party! For me, it's TODAY! The theme is Minnie Mouse and it's for my year old twin granddaughters. My daughter did most of the work, but I had to laugh at your request for the two days notice on the photo boards because it happened to me too! After offering many times to help with the food, I finally gave up and went grocery shopping for myself. Walked in the door loaded with bags and heard her message on the machine - could I make three specific side dishes? You know, of course, that I had NONE of the ingredients in the bags I just unloaded! Ah kids! Even the adult ones keep us running, don't they, Connie?

  2. I don't know what you call those either but I do know what you mean and it will be fun to see the pics next week :) Have a fun birthday weekend / sounds busy as heck over there! :)

  3. Connie, I can't wait to see the photo props- they sound like so much fun! The dance bag is just precious- I do love the little keepsake cards that are tucked into the pockets.

    Thank you for hosting Say It Saturday!

    Love, Joy

  4. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. She'll love it!

  5. We, too are in the midst of celebrating birthdays but are doing it with a get away... Ours are teens and the hiking in the mountains is what was on the list....As we are a multigeneration gamily living together I certainly can relate to last minute needs of all and Grandma can "get er done".... have a wonderful time at the birthday party and a great weekend... thanks for hosting....

  6. I can't wait until Sweet E's birthdays. So many little time!

  7. I just looove that dance bag! It's too cute. Thanks so much for hosting this party and always sharing a bit of what's going on on your life, it's always good to read you!Hope you have a great day

    Cami @
    Sunday Bewitch Me & Titi {Link Party}

  8. That is a great idea. I have a gymnastics queen that would love something like that. I can't wait to see the party pictures. Have fun today and thanks for the party!

  9. Such an adorable bag, Connie. The props looks so adorable. Ah, grandchildren are the best!


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