Saturday, October 12, 2013

Say It Saturday Link Party

Hello everyone, happy Saturday to you! Today I am sharing some news with you about some changes I am making. This will be the last SIS link party. It makes me sad! I have enjoyed meeting with you here every Saturday morning for the last yr. But the truth is, I am so busy and sometimes so tired at the end of the week I almost forget to put the party up. I love the meeting time, just having a hard time getting it done in a timely manner. I am trying to not have so much on my plate all the time.

Also, I have begun to feel that FH&L has taken on a life of it's own. I changed directions a couple of times trying to figure out how to make it work for me and have a popular blog. Well that's not working for me. It's hard and time consuming and I just don't want it to be so hard, I want it to be fun again. I will not shut down FH&L but I will not post here about what I am up to or what I am making anymore. I will feature other bloggers work and do occasional reviews. 

I have started another blog, and it will be for me;  about what I enjoy writing about and doing. I won't put myself on a schedule like I do here. I will continue Say It Saturday there but it will no longer be a link party. SIS post will be about what is going on with me and my family. Also I will not post SIS every Saturday, only when I have something interesting to say. 

I will be writing another post about the changes coming in a day or so. My new blog is not all fixed up like I wanted it to be but oh well, just like my house if you stopped by :) I am bringing my favorite post from here over there and posting new post too. The old post titles begin with a * so you know it's from here. 

So are you ready for the new address? Here it is, Hill House Homestead. I need to make a button still and I will post it in the sidebar here and over there when it's done. So I really hope this is not good bye! It won't be if you will follow me over there, and please stop in and comment too. Thank you all of you who have been faithful linkers week after week! You are the ones that made SIS so fun. Blessings! See you at Hill House!

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  1. Connie, I wish to thank you for the many months of fun that "Say it Saturday" brought to me. It was the party where my best grandma blogger friends gathered, and you made it such a warm, welcoming place. I think we all understand when you say that blogging must be a pleasure - and not some tedious chore that we drag ourselves to the computer to do. I know your new site will be full of the same kind of special feelings, and I can't wait to get over there and sign up! Thanks for all your effort on pioneering a place for grandmas to gather every Saturday morning! You're the best!

  2. Ok I went over and it looks very nice !I I see that you used Blogger this time. When I started Frugal Little Bungalow I was playing around with this or that Blogger template but in the end I just stuck with Wordpress as it would not cost me any extra for hosting, spam protection etc. And I was used to it, I guess :)
    Bringing some of your favorite posts over to the new blog...well you are more technical than me / I'd have had no clue how to do that between Homespun and FLB, lol! :) You are making your NEW one more about family, it sounds like, where in the end I decided to keep HS more focused on the grandkid stories with pictures of them and such and less of that on FLB.
    Have fun with it Connie ...always fun to do something new ! :) XX00 :)

  3. Connie, I will miss Say It Saturday- thank you so much for all your work to bring it to us every week! I'm glad you're focusing on what you need and what will work better for you. I'm excited for you and your new blog- looking forward to Hill House Homestead! I am now following Connie on Google+, and HHH on FB! I hope you'll bring HHH to Let's Get Social Sunday tomorrow, too. :)

    Here's to new adventures!

    Love, Joy

  4. So sad to see the party go, but I understand your reasons why! Thanks again, for the last time, hosting this fun hop for us mature bloggers! Have a great weekend!

  5. Good Luck my friend! It seems like you have given your decision a lot of thought and I truly hope it makes life easier and better for you!

  6. Thank you for providing a gathering place for us for so long. But, you need to take care of your soul. Of course, writing should be fun. Looking forward to your new blog!

  7. Thanks for the lovely job you've done hosting this and blessings on your future plans! Have a blessed autumn! :)


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