Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Artterro Eco Art Kits; A Review

Disclosure: I received free product for purposes of review. Opinions are my own.

I am excited to tell you about Artterro, Eco art Kits! Artterro is an award winning company that offers quality art supply kits that are also eco friendly. When I agreed to do the review, I thought I would be receiving kits for kids....but let me tell you that while your kids will love Artterro Kits, the adults in the family will too! If you have read my blog very much you know I believe in teaching kids to sew. Learning skills like sewing and crafting is wonderful for kids self confidence. Skills that create an 'I can do it' attitude. 

I really loved this kit because it is not a 'cookie cutter craft', you don't have to make just the one thing with it. You are in charge of your own creativity and there is an ample supply of things to make at least 6 items. Then what you make you actually want to keep and use! Not something that ends up as clutter and in the garbage. The items we made will be used and loved for a long time to come. The materials were quality and I loved working with the felted wool. I could easily have used the kit all for myself and would love receiving one as a gift too. 

The kit I received is the Wool Felt Jewelry Kit.The kit states it is for age 7 and over. They have many to choose from and a couple that I want to try soon is the Canvas Story Book Kit and the Creativity Kit.

 I had three of my grand daughters, 4 and two 7 yr olds, over to help me make some jewelry pieces. I have taught my grand kids some sewing skills so I thought they could handle this project. And I was right, they all made beautiful pieces. 

This is the 4 yr old making ear rings for mom. Of course I needed to thread the needle and tie the knots for her. She did a great job though!

This is her 7 yr old sister, she learned to thread her own needle during this project. She is making a pin for mom.

I started to make a hair clip but this is as far as I got! I was busy helping and watching the girls. I haven't worked with felt wool before and it is lovely!

This 7 yr old learned to tie her own knots during this session. It turned out to be a great learning experience as well as a fun time with a great end product. 

Artterro supplied 2 needles with this kit taped to the bag. I am very strict with the kids about safety and knowing where needles and pins are at all times. One needle I left on the tape and we couldn't find it any where. We searched the floor - the table, and then I thought to look on the bottom of sleeves and there it was, taped to her arm!

And lots more fun memory making supplies left for more projects! Thank you Arttero! We love our kit!

Artterro Eco Art Kits will have a creative kit for someone on your shopping list this season! 

* Look for a giveaway for an Artterro Jewelry Kit (and more;) coming soon! 

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