Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wow Us Wednesday Link Party

Hello everyone. While many of you are still suffering from a brutal winter, here in Arizona we are experiencing higher than normal temps. I know that is a cruel thing to tell you! But it does create a few issues at least for me. My biggest yard clean up and gardening chores are in late winter and early spring. And spring has arrived here with plants waking up that need pruning and seeds that need to be in the ground, transplants to plant......all right now! 

I'm spending my extra time in the yard! It caught me in the middle of all the birthdays we have this time of year and my allergies are going berserk too; I am just having a terrible time finding time and energy to blog. It also makes me dread the approach of summer with it so warm already. Ugh!!

Alright enough of that and shame on me for complaining; last week the most clicked link was...............

Tammy Clarke_Spiral Flower Originals Die

Spiral Flower Valentine Wreath from Stamping With Linda. 

Click here for a FH&L button if you want one. Ok on with the party!
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  1. Beautiful wreath! Perfect for Valentine's Day!
    I hope your allergies are better now, Connie. No fun to want to get out and do things when you don't feel your best. At least you don't have a 9' snow bank in front of your house like I do!

  2. A friend of mine lives in Phoenix so she keeps us up to date on her weather on facebook from time to time, lol! Today, where I live, it rained a lot and then the sun came out. Wooohoo! ;) Thanks for hosting.

  3. Thank you so much for hosting. Lovely wreath. I love that in the states you decorate for each holiday so much; we only put wreaths on the door for Christmas :( I'm going to go all out USA style for Easter this year and I'm already collecting ideas on my pinterest pages.

  4. To my recollection summer hit early and hard here last year. May had very high temps..it did not seem as if we were able to enjoy spring for long. Then fall...where was that? We had a prolonged summer with very little 'real' fall days and even the foliage barely changed. It was so muted and boring.

    Well I hope that your weather gets back to normal quickly and your allergies give you a break, m'dear :)

  5. Your nice weather is why everyone loves Arizona in the winter! Thanks for the party! ;-)

  6. Thanks for hosting!!! Allergies are no fun! I am exploring alternate ways to deal with them this year.

  7. Thanks for hosting! Oh how I wish the snow would disappear, let the sunshine in….enjoy some outdoor time for me :) Have a wonderful week!!

  8. Connie, we are starting to warm up also - am able to open the house up this morning. Boy, have I been waiting for that. Still too early to even think of planting yet but, I did see some pansies yesterday. Thank you for hosting and hope those allergies get better... Cathy

  9. Thank you for the link party!! I had a great time!


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