Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Radio Flyer Ziggle: A Review

*Disclosure: I received a free Ziggle ride on toy from Radio Flyer for purposes of review. However, the opinions below are completely my own. 

Parents and grand parents, or anyone who wants to buy a ride on toy for their favorite child please read this! You need to get them a Ziggle from Radio Flyer! Oh gosh have we had fun with ours! A Ziggle is a ride on toy that your child will love too. With a twist and wiggle to make it go, it takes only a second or so for them to figure it out and they are off! Then the giggles start! What a wonderful way to get them out side and enjoying the wonderful spring time weather. 


When Radio Flyer asked me to review one of their wonderful time cherished toys I was delighted! Radio Flyer is a name you know you can trust and I am sure you have wonderful memories of a Radio Flyer toy somewhere in your childhood memories as I do. Radio Flyer builds quality items that are pure FUN for children.

I was so glad I chose and received this Ziggle from them! It has already made some wonderful memories around here with many many more to come! With the quality of products that Radio Flyer is known for, I am sure grand children yet to be born will be twisting, wiggling, and giggling on this same Ziggle! 

Look at that happy face! I love to get my grand kids outside and this Ziggle will be part of our daily outdoor fun for years to come. The kids breath the fresh air, get some vitamin D sunshine, build muscle and burn off energy riding our Ziggle. It's a great ride on toy for kids age 3-8 yrs old. It has an adjustable seat, four caster wheels, grip tape for feet, padded hand grips, solid steel frame and it can do 360 degree spins!

The kids were good at taking turns riding the Ziggle but now and then one of them would hop on the back of it for an extra ride. It was all fun to them! The Ziggle has a weight capacity of 81 lbs, but my daughter, mother of 2 of the kids you see here just had to take her turn and reported that it was fun for her too. But adults, stay off, kids only please ;) 

You know I really think I need a few more Ziggles, then we could have a Ziggle parade around the neighborhood! Wouldn't that be fun?! I can just imagine it. 

Thank you Radio Flyer! We LOVE our Ziggle!

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