Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Preschool Mother's Day Card Craft

I wanted to have my 3 preschoolers make cards for their moms for Mother's Day and all the kids wanted to join in! The oldest 2 are 8 and they all did a good with the cards. It is of course an easy craft to make and it is great for fine motor skills. My little kids (we have 3 groups here now, big kids, little kids and babies :) practiced cutting with scissors and lacing. 

 You will need construction paper or card stock, old magazines, a hole punch, scissors, glue, yarn or ribbon. 

I let the kids choose their mom's favorite color of construction paper and folded it into 1/4's. I instructed the kids to look through the magazines and find pictures to cut out that their mom would love. The pictures could not be bigger than the card. 

Once they had several pictures they selected their favorite for the front, then used glue sticks to glue all the pictures onto the card. We used a hole punch for holes down the folded side of the card.

We then used the yarn* to lace down the card. The kids had fun and of course mom's loved their kid made Mother's Day Cards. 

*Here's a trick for making the yarn or any string easier for kids to lace with. Place a drop of glue on the end of the yarn and rub it into the yarn. Smooth the end into a point and let it dry. It makes a nice firm fuzz free point. I try to do this the night before we intend to use the yarn when I can remember to. A hair dryer will spend up the process. 

Sometimes taping the ends works well too.

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  1. If this comment shows up twice just delete one of them -- Blogger seems to hate me lately! Those cards are very cute. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers' Day!

  2. Precious! I love the handmade gifts from the kiddos! Thanks for sharing this at my Creative Ways Link Party! I hope you'll be back this week with more inspiring posts!

  3. So sweet! I always hang on to the sweet homemade cards my grands give me. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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