Sunday, October 21, 2012


Over the last month or so I have been posting photos with scriptures written on them on Sundays. They mostly have to do with 'water'. A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of a -do it yourself with the help of a professional- carpet installation I found myself having a full out melt down. You see, I provide child care for my grand kids during the week (3 are right about 2 yrs old), and I run a part time business out of my house that gives my husband and I part time work on the side. In the midst of the carpet installation that wasn't going so well, 2/3 of our house mysteriously lost electric power. We ran extension cords where we needed electricity and continued on with the carpet installation until there would be time to deal with this new issue.

All that was over the weekend. Monday (with electric still not working, melt down day), found me just before the kids nap time frantically trying to fax paper work that should have been faxed the week before for my business, dealing with an important bill payment I had forgotten to make all while unplugging and plugging in the cords of the different machines I needed to use in order to complete my task at hand. Things like the computer, internet, printer, fax machine, each requiring me to use it, unplug then plug in next item getting under the desk to change out plugs. Most of our homes furniture was stacked in my home office out of the way for the carpet install with a little path to my desk adding to the frustration.

In the other room, I could hear the 5 kids screaming and crying because they were fighting. They needed their naps but not as bad as I needed them to have a nap!  I was desperately searching for something I couldn't find and calling my husband to see if he knew where it might be when I broke. He asked if I was ok and it all came out! The frustration over everything that had happened over the last few days, how tired I was, how I am too old to be dealing with all this stress and hard physical work; it all flooded out in tears and I thought I might drown right there in that moment! It felt like I was caught in the ocean and huge waves were crashing over me taking me under and I was about to drown!

Then I remembered! "When peace like a river...." "When you go through the rivers of difficulty, you will not drown!" And in an instant I remembered that I had a surf board tethered to my ankle and I needed to pull myself up and get on the surf board and ride above the crashing waves! A surf board that would hold me high and keep me from drowning. Mentally I pulled myself onto that surf board and stood up getting my balance.

The following days were still filled with challenges to deal with because of the issues in my house. I still had children to tend and a job to do and this blog. Even when my vehicle broke down while I was driving a couple of days later, those giant scary waves didn't faze me because I was still on my board riding high above it all. With waves crashing all around me, I was calm and collected. I am so glad I have that surf board! It is a board fashioned out of my Faith in my God, His promises and my life experiences with Him. I keep myself tethered to it at all times. When life is a stormy sea all I need to remember to do is use that board and ride above the waves and challenges that life gives me. Then I won't drown!

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  1. That's beautiful, Connie. I am so glad that message occurred to you at the right time. I think God laid his gentle hand upon you and brought it to mind. I also like the lesson of the lilies of the field and the birds of the air. How much he values us!

  2. I am really glad you didn't drown!


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