Friday, December 5, 2014

Click 'n Dig Item Finder: A Review

Disclosure: I received free of charge one Model F6 of the Click 'n Dig for review purposes. Opinions are completely my own. 

Hold the shopping! You will want to see this before you buy another item on your Christmas list. You know someone who really needs this, will love it, and that person may be you! I'm talking about Click 'n Dig a Smart RF Item Finder. What's that? Well you know how you can't find the remote or your late getting out the door and can't find your keys? Well that won't be a problem anymore with this sweet gadget!

Click 'n Dig works by transmitting waves from the remote transmitter to the receivers. Each receiver has a unique color that matches a button on the transmitter. The receivers are attached to the item you need to find easily, and when lost merely press the color button on the transmitter remote; your tagged lost item will return a beep so you can find it. Sweet right?!

I gathered all the items in the house that seem to grow legs and run off, mainly the remote controls, car keys, and occasionally an unwatched cell phone. 

Then I attached key rings and plate receivers on the items I chose. There is a little plastic tab you pull out of receivers so that battery makes contact to work and that's all you do.

I hung the remote transmitter on the bulletin board. (I love the pretty colors of the buttons)

I was impressed that it had an extra set of batteries too! Wow! 

All you need to do to replace them is remove a little screw. 

We have these 2 itty bitty remotes and as you can see the stick on receivers are large on them but still worked. The size of the remotes is one reason they get lost so easy too. With the receiver attached we will be able to find them when needed.

I really love the way it works! You know I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my family several years ago and we all were talking about how someone need to invent and market this very item and now here it is, all packaged just in time for Christmas too! Well I guess you know what I plan to give a few people on my list. I am practical most times and this is one of those 'practical' gifts people love to get. 

The one I have pictured here is the Model F6; it has 6 receivers. You can also get a Model E4 or 2D to best suit your needs.

Head on over to Click 'n Dig to see the other models, and they have a sale going on right now too! And you can find them on Facebook; Like 'em and let all your friends know about his great helpful product! I did!

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