Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School Photo Memory Cards

My oldest grand daughter, Anne, will be starting kindergarten in a few days. She went to pre school so she knows what it’s all about. Grace will be attending pre school, and her mommy will be her teacher for this year. I want them to know that Gramma and Papa will miss them at our house.

Anne will be attending a brand new school where she doesn’t know anyone. She makes friends easily, but I know she will be lonely for the rest of us, and maybe a little afraid. I want to help them both remember we are thinking of them, so I am making them photo memory cards to take with them.

The cards will have pictures of Gramma and Papa (of course), Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles, and fun times with the cousins.

These photo memory cards are made the same way I made the Scavenger Hunt Chore Cards, except that they are wallet photo size. I would have covered them with clear contact paper, but I was out of it; so I used the chore card method. There are pictures on both sides of the cards. I put a hole in the top of each card with ribbons attached; they can be tied together or they can tie them onto backpacks, lunch boxes, etc; right there to remind them how much they are loved!

This is the picture that I think Anne will like the best. Her new baby sister who she is very attached to. This one I made from an actual photograph rather than a computer print out version. While the quality of the picture is nice, it curled some when I was making it. I don't expect these Photo cards to last a long time, just long enough for them to get settled into school with love, from Gramma.

P.S. If you make these or the chore cards with the acrylic medium, it will take up to several days to completely dry depending on the level of humidity were you live. Plan ahead for back to school!


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