Thursday, August 18, 2011

Money Saving Decor Links

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photo courtesy of Little Lucy Lou, used with permission

I am currently looking for a free curbside old wooden ladder to use as a place to hang garden tools, and to hang and dry herbs and flowers from. There is a picture of one in a laundry room that gave me the idea at Little Lucy Lu. She has more pics and how she made it there. Great idea right?

I love the look of old wood ladders. Here is a link for a few more ideas. If you don't find a use for an old ladder there, you will find one here! Fabulous! The trick is to find an old wooden ladder to use, sometimes the fun is all in the hunt!

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Look at this great idea for a lamp, it shows you how easy it can be to redo a lamp shade.

Or this one, that takes lamp shades to a whole new place! Think I may try this with my own twist.

Don't be afraid to try new ideas and experiment on your own. When someone is throwing something out, snag it and start your creative juices flowing. What's the worst that can happen? You can throw it out too if it just doesn't work out.

*Join me for my link up party, Wow Us Wednesdays.*


  1. this is actually really smart - something I found on pinterest that I may actually do (rather than just repin)!

  2. i wanted to know how and what you used to make the lamp shade with the notes hanging down. thanks, joy

    1. Thanks for commenting. I didn't make that shade, Dottie Angel did. Did you click through to her link? Here it is....

  3. You could make your own ladder, if you don't find one by the curb. 2 planks (maybe found ones, or leftovers from a project) and some wooden dowel rods screwed into those 2 planks and you have a ladder for decor. You could even give it a distressed look or paint it.

  4. That is great! I have an old ladder hanging in my bedroom. I have old quilts and extra blankets that I have rolled up and placed them on top for extra storage. My son has one that he hangs his ballcaps and stuffed animals from.


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