Friday, November 25, 2011


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here is a cute poem written by a good friend of ours, John Norton, that brings the holiday madness into perspective, enjoy!

It’s a month before Christmas exact to the day, the turkey is over (and oh by the way)
It was a fabulous feed, nine courses and more, we just put fat on our core.
We all might be sleepy, but no one is napping, Midnight is coming and we’d better get cracking!
Survey the papers! Gas up the cars! Let’s look for bargains - we’ll drive near and far!
Black Friday is on us get ready to roll, or stand in long lines (but don’t mind the cold)
At last! Midnight is here, swing open the doors. Try not to get trampled or knocked to the floor.
Bargains that tempt us await in the aisle, they make my pulse quicken and soon I will smile.
As TV’s and iPods, cell phones and more, dolls for the girls and boys toys galore.
Fill up the cart with all kinds of stuff; we’ll survive the madness and the all night crush.
We bought lots of treasures at crazy low prices, spent all our money, have a credit card crisis.
Use all that plastic, a few different cards, load ‘em all up and spend without fear, for
What the heck they might be paid by next year!
No matter at all that we couldn’t pay cash, and that our financial future is now in the trash.
The economy needs me, to what ever the end, the heck with frugality, just spend, spend, spend!
When it’s all said and done and the stores finally close, we’ll pause for a thought, and maybe we’ll know,
that all of this stuff we don’t really need, but we got caught up in a big spending spree!
We just need each other, family and friends, not all that stuff whose use will soon end.
The heart of our being to have and to hold, the love of our family that will never grow cold.

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  1. Oh, too true! I don't do Black Friday, and neither do my kids, so we have no regrets!


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