Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Training a New Assistant

It’s a cold day here in Arizona, barely in the 50’s! I thought is was about time to break in a new kitchen assistant after losing my last one to kindergarten when school started.

A good day to have the oven on too, so we decided to make my super easy Irish Soda bread recipe. My new assistant was a fast learner and really got into her job!

She thought cooking in her pj’s was pretty great too.

Later, still in  pj’s, we painted pine cones and glittered them to decorate the house with.

Oh and by the way, if you decide to bake some potatoes while the oven is on, make sure you poke some holes in them. Because if you forget, they will explode!
Enjoy your kids and don’t be afraid to mess up the kitchen cooking with them this holiday season.


  1. Adorable photos! I've tried to tell my husband not to bake potatoes without poking holes in them, but he doesn't pay any attention to me. I guess I'll have to show him the photographic evidence!

  2. She is so cute and having so much fun! And to think that between that and glitter, the POTATOES were the big mess? LOL! :)

  3. You have an awesome new assistant! And she really does seem to know what she is doing -- you're so lucky to have a replacement all ready just waiting to be trained. LOVE the potato picture!

  4. Precious smile (and pjs) on your assistant. Funny how it's all so relative: Temps in the 50s around the holidays where I live would be considered a heat wave! (Though my daughter in Arizona sounds just like you...which is funny, considering she lived her whole life in the mountains.)


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