Monday, March 12, 2012

Kids Art From Recycled Art

What to do with all those paintings the kids make? You know they ones they don't want you to throw out but are not nice enough to keep? How about making a mobile out of them?

We started with several dry paintings and some colorful magazine covers and a two inch circle punch. (The magazine pages where too thin for the punch to work well) I let the kids work with the circle punch until they had enough of that fun.

Then we picked out the best circles and lay them out how we wanted them all in rows.

Next we cut a length of string making sure to have a good amount left at one end to hang it with. The string was laid across the circles and drops of glue dripped onto the string and circle where they connected in the middle. We pushed the string down in some places to make sure it had good contact with the glue.

While the glue was drying we went outside and found a few small branches and painted them. After all was dry the circles were tied to the branch for a recycled art art piece!

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  2. You always have these great ideas on here!

  3. This really is super cute! Amara is always wanting to decorate her room -- you could even do this just as streamers and hang them! I'm adding this one to our list! Thank you!

    1. Yes you could. Perhaps even different sizes or shapes.

  4. Great idea. I only wish I had more art projects from my grandsons than I knew what to do with. I have only a few on my fridge...and am so not ready to cute circles out of those. I sure could have used this idea a jillion years ago, though, when I had the stacks and stacks of art from my daughters.

  5. Awwww, what a great idea. Fun and easy crafts for the kids and grandkids (not to mention us boomers and seniors helping them). :) Thanks for the fun idea.


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