Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Best Of…..

Do you love Pinterest? Wow, it’s an eye candy smorgasbord! If I’m not careful I spend my post writing time looking around Pinterest. There are some really talented people in this world and I have been happily pinning left and right. For those of you who are not on Pinterest, I invite you to follow me. Click the red 'Follow me on Pinterest' button in the left column there for an invitation to join. You will love it!

There are some things that really catch my eye on Pinterest that I want to try for myself. So today, I am giving you my version of the best of Pinterest. These are just a few things I thought were easy, practical, and great ideas for kids activities.

This first one is called a Discovery Bottle. Looking at the image you really don’t need instructions; the link attached with the photo didn't take me to the post about it but here is the link anyway, I want to give proper credit; Second Story Window.  I made my Discovery bottle by gathering small objects and photographing them. Then I put the objects in a peanut butter jar and filled it about half way up with rice. A print out of the objects put in a plastic sleeve, and a water erase marker makes a great activity for kids.

This one is from an idea for a nature scavenger hunt. I made one for indoors by taking photos of things around my house for the kids to find. This one can be tailored to the age of your kids, simple or hard depending on what you take your photos of. I printed them out (I didn’t name each item though you could) and I slipped mine into a plastic sleeve so it can be used with a wet erase marker then reused another time. Here’s the link for the nature scavenger hunt at Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.

There are all kinds of crafts you can make with kids hand prints on Pinterest but here are three we tried and they turned out good. For St. Patrick’s Day, a leprechaun from The Crafty Crow, a thumbprint four leaf clover from Meet the Dubiens, and a caterpillar from Navy Wife, Navy Life. (Oops! I forgot to make copies of the caterpillar before I sent them home to mom)  
And last, using the bottoms of plastic bottles dipped in paint as stamps for flowers on paper. I found out quickly that the shape of the bottle bottom has everything to do with how well this works. I tried three different bottles and they all had concave bottoms so the imprint did not look so great. However, I placed the paper on a towel and had slightly better results. So before you try this one, have a good look at the bottle bottoms! The lid serves as the flower center, and you can play around with the pattern and make different types of petals. Believe me, Valerie's turned out a lot better than ours! Check this one out at Inner Child Fun.



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  1. The Discovery Bottle looks like fun. It reminds me of the I Spy books. We actually made an I Spy Christmas tree this year. We bought a wooden Christmas tree, painted it, and glued random items on it. Some of the grandkids helped me make it, and the others immediately realized what it was: "An I Spy Christmas tree!" They had great fun looking for items.


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