Friday, April 6, 2012

Easy Easter Gift

Here’s the Easter project I made for the grand kids. It’s simple, easy, and inexpensive. I need all three of those ingredients! It may not seem like enough of a gift, but with all the other candy and toys they will receive, I doubt they even think about that. I think it’s a gift they will remember for years too. Let me show you what I made.

I took small plastic pails that came with a shovel, placed a baggie full of sand in it, placed the shovel in the pail, then covered it all with Easter grass.

making a seed packet template

I made little seed packets and put a dozen or so popcorn kernels in each before sealing with craft glue. I printed labels that said lollipop seeds to go on the packets.  

I went to The Graphics Fairy and found a vintage image I liked, printed it then pasted it on to card stock and attached it to the pail.
Planting directions on the back of the card read, “Pour sand into pail and then push seeds into the sand. Cover with Easter grass and wait one or two nights and in the morning you will find that lollipops have grown. Pick them and enjoy!”

I will discreetly give mom and dad the lollipops that will be “growing” overnight in the pails.

So much fun! Now I need to go make 12 more!
This idea came to me after seeing an idea for planting jelly beans in your lawn and then having a crop of lollipops magically grow overnight. ( I searched for the link to give you but couldn't find it and it seems there are a lot of bloggers doing similar versions of this idea now) Since I don't have a lawn but wanted to implement this idea I came up with the pails to plant in, and then they can reuse them for play later.

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  1. Very cute! I love the vintage seed packets.

    1. Thanks Susan, they were fun to make. The kids were so cute planting the seeds and amazed that lollipops ‘grew’ from them.


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