Friday, April 27, 2012

A Pretty List

Menu Planning helps your household run more smoothly. Having decided ahead of time what’s for dinner is a big time saver for me. It saves money too because I won’t need to get take out and usually meals made at home are healthier. When my days are hectic and full, if I haven’t planned out the week’s menu, I will probably be more stressed than ever figuring out what to have for dinner.
I make a list of the items I will need for each meal and shop for the week. Each morning, I remove frozen items needed for dinner from the freezer. (I make myself a reminder for each morning to do this)
I also keep a list of pantry items needed from the grocery that we are running low on.  It’s maddening and time consuming making extra trips to the store for one or two items. Grocery list and menu list are not always décor friendly. Here is one way to help with that.

Dry or wet erase markers on plates or platters that are hung on the wall work great! You can put your weeks menu on one too so all will know "what's for dinner?"

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  1. What a great idea especially to use chip plates or a have family treasure

  2. That's a really cute and very clever idea, Connie! I function better, too, when I have my week's meal planned out -- no late afternoon stress!

  3. What a clever idea, and so cute too:) Thanks for linking up to the Cabin!


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